Shout - Outs!!!

Shout - Outs!!!

Well, I finally decided to do a shout-out! I will continue to update this in the future as I continue to get to know more and more people. But for now...

Chapter 1

<3 <3 <3

She is an amazing friend and an extremely talented quiz-maker. She's always coming up with new and fresh ideas. Plus, she's Scandinavian, which I think is just plain ol' awesome!

She is a really great person who can be both sweet and sassy, but mostly sweet! She's also very kind and knows how to make you feel better.

She is the sweetest and most supportive girl you will ever meet, and she makes really great quizzes!

She has a really awesome taste in music and has created a LOT of amazing quizzes!

She is SOOOO random, but that is why everyone loves her! She's crazy, but all the best people are!

She is such an optimist and just a really sweet and caring girl who always knows how to brighten up your day!

She can be a little shy, but she has some really outstanding quizzes and if you're into fashion, you should really go and take them!

She is so lively and bubbly and again, if you like fashion, go check out her quizzes!

She can cheer you up with just a quick story and always knows how to keep a conversation flowing!

She is yet another random friend I have on here and is just plain ol' amazing!

She is really great and can be both low-key and hyper!

She may seem shy, but once you get to know her, she is an awesome person who can keep a conversation going!

Oh, and one more person...YOU! I am grateful for having each and every one of you guys as a friend and I hope to get to all of you!!!

Until the next shout-out,

NeverLetGoOfYourDreams <3

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