The Power of Four

In a world facing an apocalypse, in the not so distant future, four teens find the strength they need to save humanity.
Characters order of appearance: Cristophe (curly brown hair, brown eyes), Clara (long ebony hair, brown eyes), Matthew(green eyes, dark brown hair), Jessica (medium blonde hair, blue eyes),

Chapter 1

Cristophe- Stockholm

I twisted the brass handle on the faucet. It creaked as the water ran out of the rusty faucet. I splashed my face, blinking sleep from my eyes. "Cristophe! Hurry up!" I heard again in my older sister's whiny voice, and I stumbled out of the bathroom. I choked down a slice of bread, despite the bland taste.

I grabbed my bag and lugged it onto my back.. "Alright, let's get this over with," my sister said again, flicking hair behind her shoulder. She was no more thrilled with taking me to school as I was going with her. I stepped down the stairs after her. "Here's how it'll work," she said as she flounced through the lobby of our apartment building. "I let you off a block from school," She climbed into the car and I crawled into the backseat awkwardly. "You don't know me, got it?" I nodded.

Ariana was two years older than me and still felt superior. She was seventeen and I was only fifteen. She drove quickly through the streets of rush hour in Stockhom. After what seemed like forever when she dropped me off onto the sidewalk and sped away. "Don't crash the car!" I called after sarcastically. The cold wind bit into me and I buried my face in my sweater.

I shivered as I finally neared the school. I could see Ariana talking to her blonde bimbo friends, and from the corner of her eye she gave me a warning look. The school looked dark and ominous towering before me, as it always had. I gulped and ducked in as I noticed Hugo and his band of followers casually surveying the landscape.

Hugo had been picking on me since fifth grade. Sometimes he'd surprise me just to give me a swift kick to the gut. He was the jock, teacher's pet, and bad boy all in one. I grimaced as he spotted me. "Would you look who it is?" he laughed as him and his gang sidled over. "It's the sissy!" Giggled the girl he had his arm wrapped around. Christi, I thought her name was...

Hugo pulled me roughly against the side of the building. "You'd better not get in my way- got it, buddy?" I nodded hurridly and ran inside the building panting as soon as he released me. I went through my daily routine as usual, trying not to get into any trouble, avoiding Hugo as best I could. It was before lunch when I ran into trouble.

I stared at the ground as I meandered through the halls. I had made it through the first two periods and it was finally halfway through the day. I collided into someone, causing the books I was carrying to fall to the floor. "Sorry," I muttered, as I stooped to pick up the books. "Watch where you're going, buddy."

My heart sank as I recognized the voice. Hugo. He hoisted me up by the collar, and dragged me into the boy's bathroom." I struggled as he and his followers pushed me inside. I knew they were twice my size, and resistance was futile, yet a small voice rose inside of me, gradually growing stronger.

No, no, no! This would NOT happen. Not again! Something surged up inside of me, and the water in to toilets burst up. Hugo backed away, looking at me with something I'd never seen before on him- fear. The pipes started to leak, and the bathroom quickly flooded. I blacked out as Hugo and his following ran out of the room.

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