Short Stories and One-Hit Wonders

A collection of short stories, competition entries, ideas and one-hit-wonders.

Chapter 1: Aubrey (TOPIC: School) (Alexis' Story/Quiz Contest)
Chapter 2: Fairytales (TOPIC: Fairytales) (Alexis' Story/Quiz Contest)
Chapter 3: Drowning (TOPIC: Worldwide Disasters) (Alexis' Story/Quiz Contest)
Chapter 4: High School (Quibblo Writing Contest)

Chapter 1

Aubrey Wood

by: Cozy_Glow
I looked from left to right & back again. I was hiding from the school prep president, Leah, who was wanting me to join her.
Don't get me wrong, she's great & I know her well... because she's my best friend, however, she can get really annoying.

"Aubrey Wood!"
I spun around, at attention. "Yes, Leah?!"
"I found you."

She giggled like a kindergarten girl, taking my arm & leading me away from my hidey-hole. As we walked to 'The Social Spot' (I named it that because so many kids go there to chat & what not), I spied a boy outside the school fencing.
He was the most beautiful (I mean handsome) guy I'd ever seen. His hair was a nice blonde, his eyes (from what this distance suggested) were sky blue, he was tall & a nicely toned build (again, the distance was annoying).

"What are you looking at, Brey?"
"Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing at all!"
Leah looked at the guy. "Him? He catches my bus of the afternoon. Private school boy, I believe."
"He's hot."

I looked at Leah for the explanation that never came. We continued to our designated seats in 'The Social Spot', were Leah quickly looked around the deserted area.

"He's not all that nice."
"I heard he once stole a girls bag & dumped it from the bus."
"Goth girl."
"Oh, so he's like you~"

Leah shot me a look that only made my laughing worse. Preps were known to be notorious bandits to other groups. Leah slapped my arm in play.

"You're so stereotypical, Aubrey~"
"You're the one that suggested it~"

We laughed together, until the bell tolled for the dreaded classes to start. I couldn't help thinking about that guy, no matter what Leah said. I felt a connection, but... he's unreachable when I'm in History.

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