Turned Against (Group Story)

The government can't be trusted. Kipnapping innocent children for an army? Trying to take over the world? Testing on people with powers? Wait, people with powers?

Authors are:
That_Beautiful_Insanity (Me)

Chapter 1


My Character
Name: Ever Grffin
Age: 17
Gender: F
Power: Fire, she is fire proof too.
Weapon: Throwing Knives and Daggers, she has flawless aim
Appearance: Long Dark Blue Hair, Silver eyes, Curvy, Tall, Toned
Personality: Sarcastic, Funny, Tough, Loyal, Brave, Stubborn
Past: The government came to her house one day when she was 7 and told her parents that if they didn't hand Ever over to them, they would kill her parents. Ever's parents hid her and died so that she could live. After the government killed Ever's parents, they set the house on fire. Ever wasn't effected by the fire and she came out of hiding when the government left. Ever lived with her brother after that incident and then ran away when she was 12 and lived in the forest.
Other: Ever has extremely good reflexes and she is fast on her feet. Ever doesn't get close to people because of her past

Name: Lexi Sullivan
Age: 14
Gender: F
Power: Force Field
Weapon: Dart Gun, is pretty good at it. Not perfect.
Appearance: Short and skinny. Is Asian, with long jet black hair, with a dyed blonde streak. Dark brown eyes.
Personality: Tries to be optimistic, but sometimes loses control. Tends to be a bit of a worry wart, tries to think of all possible scenarios, just in case.
Past: The government came when she was 10. Her parents, scared, handed her over, but then Lexi got scared and put up a force field, and ran away. She lived on the streets after that, and blended in OK with other people. She always kept moving, trying to keep an upbeat attitude about her situation. Learnt her dart gun skills from a strange man who taught her some stuff then left. She taught herself some more after that.
Other: Very street smart, but never really fully trusts someone.

Name:Hunter Gold
Gender: Male
Power: Mind Control
Weapon: Crossbow
Appearance: Tall, toned, black eyes, bleach blonde hair (natural) Scraped and scarred from years of fights
Personality; Slow to trust,short temper, spontaneous, quiet, brave on the outside but on the inside is broken
Past: Hunter doesn't remember his parents but he knows that in every town he moves to the government people find him. He picked up the crossbow after stealing one from the leader of a gang that he fought. He has lived on the streets all his life (that he can remember) and the first time he saw the government people he looked at them and thought really hard "You don't think I am here, you are leaving" It w\had worked and it was years later before he realized that it was his powers doing it.
Other: Good at decision making, is always ready to run, and he does what is necessary to survive

Name: Alexis Revero
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Power: Water
Weapon: Machete
Appearance: Long black silky hair, with bright blue eyes, and is very very pale. Very very skinny, and a little short for her age.
Personality: She is always protecting herself. she is VERY intelligent, and always thinks scientifically. She is also rather street smart, but doesn't show that sie very often. She is a HORRIFIC liar, and she rarely lies. She can take a joke and cticism, but she doesn't tell jokes, she is very honest. In fact, too honest. She tends to hurts people feelings, and she doesn't mean too, shes just being honest. Shes not good at making friends, but she doesn't really care about having them.She thinks very lowly of herself, and she never tells people about her feelings. She doesn't believe in a god, or feelings, or love because she doesn't thing they exist.
Past: The government came to her house when she was 5 and her parents refused to give her up s they killed them along with her two little twin brothers, but shes not bothered about the government killing her brothers because she didn't know them that well.

Name: Jared Monic
Age: 18
Gender: M
Power: Reality Bending - http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Reality_Warping
Weapon: 2 hooked steel swords
Appearance: Blonde and brown short-ish hair gelled up to the right ( longer in the front, thats why its gelled up ( like a front mohawk ) ), Fair tan, grey eyes, Athletic build, toned, 5'6
Personality: Extremely sporty and athletic, people person, occasionally cocky, outgoing, Optimistic, comedian, happy-go-lucky, charming, flirt, resourceful, clever, major risk taker ( which he sometimes gets hurt doing ), daredevil, destrucive, uses his power and looks to the best advantage he has
Past: Jared's parents owned the goverment money, but when the government came for the money and they didn't have it. They fought as best they could, ended up getting gunned down by FBI, and the government took Jared as payment ( He was 14 when taken )
Other: Before the goverement took him, he was a soccer & basketball all-star

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