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Chapter 2

Characters and Writers

Alright, before I get down to the writers and characters, I'd like everyone who is chosen to write to message me with a few things. 1. Love Interest (preferably out of the main six, but you can use a side character if you so desire) 2. A title idea if you have any and 3. ideas for events to happen in the story, I'll be making an outline on word to help smooth the process, but if there's any ideas you have, I'm completely open to them and willing to add them to the event outline. Thank you to all those who signed up! ~Amber

Writers: Myself, animegirl3, dlakshmi, epicsnicker, lilypotter101, and tabbyshecat

Main Characters
Name: Ophelia Mae Scotts
Nickname: Lia
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Early September birthday)
Appearance: Light brown wavy hair just a few inches past the shoulders, faded blue eyes that almost seem grey, has a pale complexion with natural rosy cheeks, wears glasses for reading, freckles are splattered across her legs and arms, has a birthmark on the top of her forehead that is most easily seen near the hairline, about 5’5 and has a straight figure that hasn’t developed yet for she is very average in weight like she has been all her life. Her appearance sometimes mistakes people for they think she looks younger than she is.
Personality: Helpful, kind, caring, respectful, polite, sincere, understanding, easygoing, friendly, fair, reliable, team player, clumsy, easily confused, insecure, submissive, fearful, indecisive, naïve, can be clingy, gullible, sensitive, hides negative emotions in as much as possible, and nervous
Ability: Healing (Needs to touch to heal and can never raise back the dead)
Fears: fire, failure, darkness, pain, losing loved ones, public speaking, vulnerability, heights, and storms
Community: Comisdem
Love Interest: Jack Temple

Name: Lukas Rowan Finley
Nickname: Luke, Rory
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (mid-July birthday)
Appearance: messy (in the cute way) brown hair, big, bright emerald green eyes, cheeks are always reddish-pink, slightly tan skin, has a scar across his jaw line from an experiment mishap, 5'8", healthy muscular build but not football player strong, sometimes seems like he hasn't quite grown into his body yet(in other words, he's clumsy)
Personality: quiet, shy, notices things most people don't, can be very stubborn, he is also extremely disorganized, paranoid, has major trust issues, insecure(but would never admit it), not very good at holding conversations
Ability: dream manipulation(however, he is always flooded by other's people dreams-especially nightmares-in his sleep and has to be touching the person or something they own in order to see/change their dream willingly)
Fears: large crowds, deep water(never admits it), speaking in front of people, being tortured, sharks, intimate stuff, being helpless
Community: Tacitusdem
Love interest: **At first: Ophelia Mae Scotts, In the end: Deanna Rose Lellin

Name: Deanna Rose Lellin
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (February 28, Oldest character)
Appearance: Dark brown hair waist length that's usually in a purple scrunchie, sparkly dark brown eyes, contacts, curvy, fair skinned, slim, & average height.
Personality: Hyper, curious, smart, flirty, unique, strange, friendly, outgoing, determined, helpful, forgiving, funny, and sensitive.
Ability: Can read minds. Lasts for however long she wants it but if she uses it for more then 15 minutes she starts to hear everyone's mind & loses control.
Fears: Losing her loved ones, guns, & being alone.
Community: Singularisdem
Love interest: Crush on Evan Hall for a little bit Lukas Rowan Finley

Name: Jason Monic
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Black shortish long hair with crimson and blond highlights gelled up to the right like a front mohawk, Grey eyes, 5'8, athletic build, toned, beachy tan, freckles along his nose, silver stud earrings
Personality: Proud, loud, daring, bold, happy, friendly with everyone, outgoing but occasionally shy, very flirty, happy-go-lucky, very athletic, likes to be in control, sometimes cocky, seemingly fearless, protective, caring, dare devil, resourceful, not the sharpest tool in the shed, clever, enjoys puzzle games, has a quick temper but has practice covering it up, quick to respond to insults no matter how hurtful they can be, doesn't think most of the time just does it, trickster
Ability: Acid infusion. Drawback - If he uses it too much the acid begins to erode part of him ( like, he uses too much - acid starts eating away at his arm ) for a short period of time ( but extreme pain )
Fears: Terrified of Spiders, isn't too fond of heights, being enveloped in his own power ( acid ) and eaten away, his friends turning on him, betrayal, losing loved ones, not succeeding in something, being swallowed by the ground ( like sink holes )
Community: Animosusdem
Love interest: Laurel Sirois

Name: Laurel Sirois
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Brown curly hair down to mid-back, light green-gold eyes, short (about 5'2"), a little splash of freckles on her nose, thin, and pale.
Personality: Stubborn, clever, impertinent, smart, bookworm, loud at times, moody
Ability: The weather changes according to her mood.
Drawback: She can create violent storms because she is so emotional.
Fears: Drowning, she is basically hydrophobic except she isn't afraid of drinking water or anything. She is also afraid of small spaces and not being accepted for who she is.
Community: Rationabilisdem
Love interest: Jason Monic

Name: Jack Temple
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Jack is tall and thin, with pale skin. He has a light spray of freckles across his face. Jack has shaggy dark brown hair which is seldom combed. He has dark green eyes, which usually imply an air of boldness.
Personality: Jack is bold and outgoing; he's never afraid to speak up. He is very independent, though at times he can be a little rude, and he also is a poor listener; this is due to the fact that he prefers to talk over being quiet,
Ability: Jack can shoot flame from hands, but he can do it only in short bursts, and it drains his energy.
Fears: Drowning, losing loved ones, small spaces, suffocation, betrayal, being accused (especially of lying)
Community: Aptumdem
Love Interest: Ophelia Mae Scotts

Side Characters that might be mentioned from time to time
Name:Titania Isabelle Steyn
Age:16(late February Birthday)
Appearance:dark brown curls to her waist, pale skin dotted with freckles that she sees as flaws, amber eyes, wears glasses that are always sliding down her nose, nearly 5'6, average weight but curvy.
Personality:Quiet and often writes her thoughts before she tries to say them. She hides a lot of inner anger and hates when it forces it's way out, which happens more often than she'd like
Ability: Strength (though no one would know it)
Drawback of Ability: She does not know her own strength a good part of the time and while her strength can help people, it can also seriously hurt them.
Fears: hurting others, her own anger, the dark, speaking before writing her thoughts
Community: Tacitusdem

Name: Alexandria Sullivan
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Born March)
Appearance: Of African descent, has dark skin and very dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes. Hair is very curly, and a bit 'bouncy' as she calls it. Very short, but a bit underweight.
Personality: Is a bit 'weird' and loves a joke. Hates confrontation, and adores some good old fun! However, she doesn't want to lose her friends, and can get a bit hysterical sometimes.
Ability: Teleportation.
Good things about ability: She can use it to help with her pranks, and get away from danger
Drawbacks of Ability: She must have a mental image of where she wants to go, and she doesn't really know what's waiting for her there.
Fears: Being abandoned, being trapped, not being able to have fun, or seeing something very, very sad happen.
Community: Singularisdem

Name: Zianda McCoy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Straight dark orange hair that goes up to her chin, dark blue eyes, she's naturally thin and hates it because some people accuse her of being anorexic, she has long limbs, she has a runner's body.
Personality: cooperative, careful, practical, strong-willed, reliable, wasteful, disorderly, mistrusting, ambitious, motivated, humorous
Ability: Enhanced body and mind speed; sometimes when she's thinking too fast, she gets extremely confused and spaces out a lot.
Fears: tight spaces, dead ends, choking, people sneaking up to her, being alone, flying, and being locked in a room.
Community: Aptumden
*Zianda is interested in females.*

Name: Evan Hall
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance:Fair skin, obsidian-black hair, dark eyes, athletic build, scarred face, wears dark clothes, often wears hood to conceal his face
Personality: Two-sided; kind, gentle and selfless, but also quiet, determined, can come across as cold, and doesn't like when people are too close to him without his consent
Ability: Quick relflexes, can move fast in defensive combat, but this makes him jumpy, paranoid and difficult to relax
Fears:Slow death (but never admits it out loud), failure, terrified of being restrain/strapped down, doctors, etc make him nervous due to previously being experimented on, etc
Community: Animosusdem

Name: Brenn Dean
Gender: male
Age: 17
Appearance: has badish acne, tall, smiley, handsome- but not too much so. green/brown eyes, warm and bright, uninterestingly brown hair.
Personality: funny, makes jokes. protective and sweet.
Ability: force fields (yeah man!)
Community: comisdem
Fears: losing everything, death, rats, explosions, his father and torture.

Name: Harriet Jones
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Appearance: Messy brown waist length hair, a scar running from her shoulder to her hip, green, cold eyes, often wears dark red
Personality: Very brave, hyper, cold, distrustful, but if she's in a good mood, she can be really cheerful and kind
Ability: She is a very skilled fighter, like, the best there is.
Fears: Relationships, the ocean, and being alone.
Community: Animosusdem

Name: Sparrow Wilson
Gender: female
Age: 16
Appearance: short, pixie-style purple hair; one emerald green eye, one sea green eye; short stature (5'2); slight freckles on nose and cheeks; pale; average build
Personality: hyper, energetic, friendly, easily distracted, slight temper, flirtatious, kinda bossy, ditzy
Ability: shape shifting; drawback is she can only shape shift into types of cats like leopard, cat, tiger, etc.
Fears: heights and dogs
Community: Comisdem

Name: Dahlia Ariel Calder
Nickname: Dal
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Late May Birthday,)
Appearance: Mid-back length, straight, light blonde hair with side bangs, blue eyes with green flecks, smooth fair skin with a few freckles, slender and slightly curvy figure, 5' 4", underweight
Personality: Kind, quiet, loner, determined, shy, stubborn, protective, bookworm, intelligent, sensitive, good listener, polite, modest, and mature.
Ability: Manipulates life forces (Can give life and take life forces, but can't bring people back to life or kill them)
Fears: Spiders, losing people she loves, heights, suffocation, small spaces, being poisoned, and killing someone (on purpose or accidentally)
Community: Tacitusdem

Name: Indigo Violet Rosebloom (strange parents)
Nicknames: Indi, Rosy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Dark brown hair, fair skin, unusual blue-violet eyes, slender build at an average height and underweight, wears dark skinny jeans, black jacket, and a crimson beanie
Personality: Spunky, fierce, bold, straight-to-the-point, a bit on the wild side, truthful, loves exhilaration, energetic, athletic
Ability: Animal Shapeshifting
Good things about ability: She can change into any living creature, other than humans
Drawbacks of ability: sometimes, she changes back without meaning to, and it drains her energy
Fears: someone stripping her from her character, being left in the dust, having to make plans, her love not loving her back, total humiliation
Community: Animosusdem

Name: Mila Camille Bendlin
Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Born in late July)
Appearance: Straight chestnut brown hair that falls a couple inches below her neck, dark chocolate brown eyes, fair skin, considered very short for her age (4'11), scrawny, has a generally healthy weight for her stature (102 pounds), wears braces, and speaks with a lisp.
Personality: Flexible, loyal, helpful, resourceful, cocky, can be vain, courageous, overconfident, persistent, quick-witted, Observant, has difficulty expressing her emotions through words, intelligent, rarely thinks before she speaks, impulsive, untrusting to strangers.
Ability: Telepathy, although she has little control over it and can only read other people's mind within at least fifteen feet.
Fears: Others disliking her, being unable to fulfill expectations, change, oceans, being ridiculed, death, loss.
Community: Animosusdem

Name: Ever Days
Nickname: Ev
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Dark Blue hair, grey eyes, tall, curvy, toned, pale
Personality: Sarcastic, Confident, Doesn't care about what others think, loyal, Independent, cold, distant
Ability: Adaptation
Drawback of the Ability: The adaption will only last for an hour and a half.
Good Thing About Ability: If she is in water she'll grow gills, if she is falling in mid air she'll grow wings etc
Fears: Changing back to her normal form during something important and Being close to death
Community: Singlarisdem

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