Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy my entry for Alexis's story competition; I love this topic!!!

Chapter 7


I burst through the cafeteria doors, looking around frantically. The cafeteria was on the lower level, with all the cleaning supplies so the janitors didn't have to go up and down the stairs. It had taken us a bit to run around with all the other students practically being obstacles.

'' Ow! '' squeaked Yeala. I twirled around, finding her rubbing her forehead. I winced and apologized.
'' Sorry. ''
'' 'S all right. '' Now her eyes were clouding over, and it scared me. Did I hit her that hard?
'' Yeala? Yeala 'r you okay? '' my voice skipped two octaves. I frowned and followed her gaze.

'' UGH! '' I groaned. '' Yeala quit drooling over that loser! '' I shouted. She smiled, then blinked, then shut one eye and re-opened it. Yeala'd been staring and DROOLING over Kyle Gomez. In a way I understood he was nice to look at, and all right he could be funny BUT RARELY, and I ALLOWED that he was talented with SOME THINGS.

'' You're right, '' Yeala sighed suddenly. '' He'll never like me, because he's way out of my league. ''
A big pang of guilt punched me square in the chest. '' No no, not because of you he's just a jerk you're awesome you're so pretty and nice and sweet. '' I was blabbering to make her feel better. Abruptly, I realized she must really be down if she was being negative.
'' Whatever let's just hear the awards, '' she muttered. I pursed my lips, and hugged her cautiously. She stared at the floor blinking, then she lifted her head and smiled.
I smiled back.

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