To Another World (the story you are all in)

Characters in this chapter:
Me( the main)
The Bad Magician

Chapter 1

The Curse

by: Mystique_
David was getting very tired on waiting for his slow friends to catch up with him. He wanted to get tithe movies quick. But to be fair he always was ahead of everyone else, but he could not really stop the movie because of it.

"Come on guys!" David said. He was often impatient. Now they had at least come near him. Joe, Ally, and Alexandra. Joe was a nice guy, David and he had met in third grade and have been best friends. Ally and Alexandra were new in tone and Joe and David were showing them around town.

The town, well it was a small one but urbanized a bit. The town of Fermont, Michigan. Very exiting if you want it to be.

"Can we- just- stop a- minute" panted Joe.
"But were gonna be late" David said.
"Just a minute, I know we need to be shown around but I didn't think we were gonna run cross country" Ally said.
"I feel like my heart is beating like a drum gone crazy" Alexandra remarked. David didn't think this needed an answer and the conversation dropped. He stood there zoning out while the others caught their breath. Twilight was fading into the night. David looked at his watch.
"The movie starts in 6 minutes" said David. He did not want to run and leave them behind so he contented himself in walking in a rushed fashion. He talk with them a little as they neared the movie theater. But it was not until they went into it when they realized Alexandra was not with them.

"Where did she go?" David asked, turning around to Ally.
"She was right behind me a second ago" said Ally.
"Let's get her quick, we don't want to miss the movie"
"Well we better find her quick, it starts in 4 minutes" Joe said "She can't be that far".

They had to walk around for two minutes to find her. And when they did she was peeking through a hole in a wood fence to someone's yard. What was she doing? Was she crazy? She heard us and turned.

"Guys, you have to-" Alexandra started.
"Are you crazy Alex" Ally whispered.
"But you have to-" She started again.
"That is someone private business and you can't be messing around with it" Ally said. She was raising her voice a little.
"Guys" Alexandra said with a little quake of fear. Did she see something. David got a little curious.
"Alexandra, let's just got see the movie" Joe said. But the wise David was not going to do that in a hurry, even though he had been in a rush before.
"What did you see Alexandra?" David ventured to ask. She pointed a shaky finger at something. David looked behind him and jumped a little when he saw a red faced person steaming mad.
" We are sorry for invading your privacy this evening" David said politely "We'll just be on our way". But he could not move. No one could.

"I'm sick of this stupid town, now I have to wait another ten thousand years!" screamed the person. David did not have the slightest idea what they were talking about. But, at any rate he could not leave so he might as well listen. The person kept calling them rotten children and he was gonna teach them a lesson.

"HUGANI ESTUA DERYURO CAMEN" chanted the woman. David was dreadfully puzzled. He felt a curious sensation and felt dizzy and he found himself waking up from bed. What just happened?

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