The To-Do List EVERY GIRL Should Complete!

A to-do list every confident young woman could make use of :)

Chapter 1

#1: Make an Emergency Everything Bag

So the other day I was flipping through Marie Claire's January 2014 issue when I saw a prize that was up for grabs-- the Ready for Anything bag (page 55 for any of you who have this issue). And I thought, man, I WISH I had this. But then I figure, hey, I'm a smart young lady and I can make one of these myself, and it's going to be even more practical! (No offense to Marie Claire). Here is what I came up with.

Firstly, because Emergency Everything Bag is a little long, let's just call it an EEB (hah... that sounds funny).
So, what is an EEB? An EEB, simply, is a bag that matches the description "Grab it and GO!" It should contain all the bare essentials for a day out. So no, this isn't your earthquake toolkit, it's mostly in case of something like a very quickly planned day-trip or social event, or even for lazy days when you can't be bothered to check you have everything you need--you make an EEB and you know you have everything you need from here on out. Your EEB can be something you take out every day, or something that is there for an "emergency".

How do you make an EEB?

Choose the bag. It should be spacious, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry, like a JanSport backpack or a messenger bag with adjustable straps. If you're more likely to need something fancy in an emergency, go for something that fits that requirement. I'M GOING TO BE MAKING A FORMAL EVENTS EEB CHAPTER SOON!!

Fill your bag with what you need. BEWARE--you do NOT want this to be a heavy bag!!! So whatever you need, if it comes in MINI form, then go for that.
Here are some essentials every girl should have(at least in my opinion):
--a phone. If you use your EEB frequently, this can be your actual phone. However, if you only use it rarely, use an old phone, as long as it is FULLY CHARGED AND FUNCTIONAL.
--pen and a small notebook
--pads/tampons, maybe even spare undies?
--a snack(small and healthy but high-carb)
--a drink(preferably water)
--something to entertain yourself, like a book or magazine
--a music player
--a mini makeup kit
--a pack of tissues
--cold medication and painkillers in PILL form(PLEASE DON'T USE SOMETHING YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE! Check with a doctor or a parent that it's okay, and make sure you know the proper dosage)
--small deodorant stick

Use your EEB! Put it somewhere in your room where it's safe at hand. If your friend ever calls you up and screams that you have three minutes to get to her house, or if you sleep in and you're running late, just GRAB IT AND GO! :)

I wrote this, so what's in MY EEB?
--a pen and my doodle-book (a small but thick notebook with a lot of pages, on which I scribble and doodle things at any moment)
--a pocket-sized copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (it's smaller than my palm)
--two Alpen cereal bars
--a water-bottle
--my iPod
--my camera(in its protective case along with a spare battery and $15)
--my phone
--makeup kit containing:
multi-purpose cream
a tiny BB cream sample (SPF 35!)
Garnier's Spot-on Roll-on (emergency zit-zapper)
nail file
a palm-sized kit from Sephora (has 9 shades of eyeshadow, 4 shades of lip gloss, a bronzer and a mirror)
a 2.5 mL tube of mascara
a 3 mL perfume sample (CLEAN Original)
a tiny blusher
a 10 gram Lady Speed Stick
a magic little cream my mom bought that can relieve stress(supposedly)
--a plastic bag
--a pack of tissues
--my Gratitude Rock

You can see a picture of my EEB and MOST of its contents here:

The hand is there for scale, and also so you can confirm that it's a picture I took myself (as you will notice it's the same hand as in any other pictures I take in future, though the manicure might change) And the camera isn't in the picture because the camera is TAKING the picture haha.
The total weight of this bag is 2.3 kilograms, or 5 lbs.

--If you have sensitive skin, bring sunscreen!
--Mini books are THE BEST. Unfortunately, I bought my mini-Wizard of Oz in Germany for a whopping 22 euros, and you're only likely to find classics in mini-version.
--PEPPER SPRAY! This is very important if you live in a dangerous area. If you live in a country where pepper spray is not legal, keep a canned deodorant rather than a deodorant stick or roll-on(this will have the same effect on random creeps as pepper-spray)
--always have something for emergency skincare! If you see a zit in the middle of the day, best treat it ASAP rather than wait till you get home, so put a cream or serum in your EEB

Right, that's all I can think of for now, but comment or message with suggestions and I might edit this chapter and include them! :)


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