Just To Let You Know

I am up at 12:48 am writing this, if there is anything wrong and you point it out for me to fix I will hate your guts, not really I didn't plan on sleeping tonight anyway.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - The Day Connor Couldn't Find A Decent Chapter Name

So some of you might be wondering why the hell I'm not doing anything other than commenting on stories and people's profile pages, some of you probably aren't wondering that, maybe you're wondering about your next meal, or maths class, possibly something to do with lemons... But anyway, I haven't really been doing anything for this many reasons Makes hand gesture As you can see, that's not actually that many reasons, but here they are:

Reason #1
The holidays just finished and I'm back in high-school, woohoo, Year 10, :P, nope it sucks, I accidentally skipped the first day back and the day I did come I got given maths homework I couldn't actually do because it requires me to do a maths problem with a calculator but the teacher hadn't actually taught us how to do it, a few people in the class already knew so she didn't bother explaining how to do it. AND THIS IS WHY I HATE MATHS AND TEACHERS IN GENERAL, except for those select few teachers I've had over the years like Mr Campbell, Mr Logan (Eh, 50% Evil, 50% Not), Mr Radunz, Mr D-something (He was this awesome teacher I had in Graphics, but I can't remember his name for the life of me), Mr Siddel, Mrs Gibson, Mrs Radunz, and more, but I don't have time to name them all.

Reason #2
This is probably gonna make some people unhappy, but this reason was pretty much I've been horribly lazy over the past few days and didn't feel like writing up anything, even for stories I really wanted to do like Blood Letter, Side Effects and The War Of The Gods or something, I can't really remember it because of my HORRIBLE MEMORY that only remembers things like, "I hate Mondays" or "Where are the cookies?" Which isn't really something I remember often, I'll just open the cupboard and hope they're there, if they aren't there, looking for them is probably too much of an effort.

Reason #3
One may be deceit, Two can be conspiracy, Three is the number I must trust.
Sentence straight outta one of my favorite books there, you get a prize if you figure out what book that's from, it has to be the specific book too, not the series.

Prize Info:
If you get the question right, you'll win a prize and I intend to make that prize a freakin awesome one. Probably a cupcake or something. (This is just an example, not the actual prize)

Yeah I was planning on writing this whole chapter about this cool group story I was gonna wait, but I guess I'll just make you wait a week or so. Well, some of you anyway.... Wink wink nudge nudge accidentally kicks you out of your seat Woops, didn't mean to do that...


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