Broken: Diary of The Dumb Hearts

Broken: Diary of The Dumb Hearts

Chapter 2

The Bully

I fell asleep last night thinking of him. He was just kinda strange. No , he was not strange, he just made me feel something weird. Something that I could not explain, it was like I knew him from before. Like in those cheesy movies where they turn out to be soulmates, you know. Except this was reality, and he didn´t even look at me or talk to me.

Diary (I'm going to call you something else, okay, so I don't call you dear)
So.. yeah. Today was horrible. I feel so confused, so betrayed, and just plain stupid. How could I have been so delusional!?

It all happened after school. I was sitting on the bus with Lina talking about our Winter breaks, and all of a sudden I hear "Hey girl!" I turn around to see one of Luis' friends calling me. They usually start making fun of everyone they talk to outside their group, I hate that.
"What do you want?" I said
"Oooh this girl grumpy!" the guy mocked.
Luis looked up and laughed, he said "We're gonna call you Mad girl from now on!" everyone laughed,
"MAD GAL! YEAH!" I heard them say.
I felt confused and pissed at the same time.
I turned around and Lina said "Answer back, those kids think they are so cool and so funny, but they are not!"
"That would only prove their point." I told her.

Wow I felt so cheated somehow, like so dissapointed because I actually thought he was different from his group of friends, but who cares though, I don't even care!
I wonder... Why am I always getting picked on by guys?
I mean, I'm not super-ugly, in my opinion. In fact, I may be slightly okay-looking. I'm 5'3 and I´m neither chubby or skinny. I wear anything comfortable, like skinny jeans and one-shoulder loose shirts. I tend to wear converse or just like some flats. I have brown hair and a fair skin tone. I am usually really nice to everyone, but if someone isn't I tend to answer back, but this time... Luis was involved in the bullying. I had so many things running through my mind, like:
- Why does he do that?
-Why is he so rude to me?
-Does he hate me now or something?
-Do I like Luis?
-Why is he so gorgeous?
-Does he do that just to impress his friends?
-Seriously, why is he so gorgeous?
.Why is he so mean?
-Am I asking too many questions?

Ugh. Reality... (sniff, sniff).

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