Broken: Diary of The Dumb Hearts

Broken: Diary of The Dumb Hearts

Chapter 1

He Walked In

Ok so I´m not going to say Dear Diary that´s stupid and cliché.

Today was one of those days when you wake up with slob all over your face, and when you look in the mirror you think "Ugh. You gotta be kidding me!" Not to mention the big zit that I have been popping since like a week ago, and it keeps growing back, oh that little sucker!
I got up with a song stuck in my head, something by Green Day, I think? Anyway, i got up a bit late like always (because I put my alarm an hour before so I can press the snooze button 20 times before I actually get up) I got ready to go to school, and get on the school bus.
Winter break was so boring by the way, why is it that my family is not that traditional? We didn´t even put up a tree or anything. Ugh. So, there I was just sitting by myself, because my friend Lina called me saying wasn´t going today. Then, it seemed like the world around me started spinning and I saw him.

He walked in smiling. HEwas a new guy, wore those baggy shorts that I´ve always hated. He had black hair, light eyes, a nice smile. Somehow he was already popular already, and it´s not surprising, he wasn´t just gorgeous, he was something else, I knew that. Everyone said hi to him like "Hi Luis". Luis, that´s a nice name.
"Hey is anyone sitting here?" he said in a neutral tone.
"Oh um no, no, it´s okay." What the...! Why did I sound so nervous? He was not even my type! Wait..was he?
So he sits next to me and right away I notice that he was wearing some really nice cologne. The whole time he was talking to his goofy friends, and I tried to seem careless about the whole thing. I put my headphones on and listened to music. I was just jamming to some eminem, when he was like:
"Excuse me, you are sitting on my jacket" Oh wow I was sitting on his jacket the whole time!
That was embarrassing, not like I care, though. Just a little embarrassing with some random guy.
First period class I fell asleep "Miss Zoey! Please leave the classroom, this is no place to sleep!" Someone tapped my shoulder "What do you want?" I yelled. Everyone around me laughed, then the bell rang. Dude, saved by the bell!

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