Ticking Clocks ~ A Doctor Who Fanfiction

Ticking Clocks ~ A Doctor Who Fanfiction

Hello. This is a Doctor Who fanfiction about the Eleventh Doctor and an original character. It's tweaking the story a bit, like all fanfiction.

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Chapter 1

Twelve O'Clock ~ Prologue

The door creaked behind him. It sounded final and bitter.

A million thoughts were running through his head. Four knocks. I understand now. It all makes sense. I wish it didn't...

He walked along the panel of the TARDIS, feeling the knobs and handles underneath his hand. He'd done so much in this body. So much to grieve about...

Donna. He winced as he recalled his outspoken, brave, daring companion. So much to be guilty about, so much to regret. He couldn't bear thinking about her any longer.

Martha. No. Not Martha, he couldn't think about Martha...

Rose. The guilt crashed in on him like a waterfall. She'd sacrificed everything for him. He didn't deserve her, he loved her and he'd never gotten to tell her... Like every companion he'd had, he sent her away. Oh, oh the regrets, they pained him every day... At least now, he could have a new start and forget about the awful things he'd done...

No. He could never forget Rose. Ever.

I'm sorry. He sent the silent message through his mind, until it echoed against the walls of his skull and rang wistfully through his thoughts. To everyone. Rose, Donna, Martha. Wilf.

The pain hit him first in the stomach. He keeled over, not at all surprised. More regretful and sad.

He gasped with pain and held up his hands, which now glowed with energy. No time to go back, no time to make things right.

No. I can't. I'm not finished with this life. he thought tensely.

His hands glowed brighter.

"No!" he gasped. "I don't want to go!"

The explosion rang through the TARDIS, shattering the windows, destroying the locks, annihilating the tenth life of the Doctor.

The TARDIS rocked and groaned, creaking and trying to stay up. It would not be long before it, too, started a new life.

This was the gateway between new and old. New face. New companion. New TARDIS. New screwdriver.

A new beginning...

And amidst the wreckage of the Doctor's beloved TARDIS, a new voice yelled out, both exulting and shocking.


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