The Light of a Fallen Star (A HoO fanfic)

Zora is looking for someone. Her brother, actually. Well, not her real brother. Percy Jackson has been missing for three days. And she has spent every second looking for him at Annabeth's side.
How did Percy become her brother? Long story short, she owed Poseidon a favor. That favor became watching his son. And now, she may have failed...

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I rolled my eyes as Coach Hedge tried to use his megaphone again. But even I had to admit the Darth Vader voice and the random comments like, "the cow says moo!" were pretty funny. I am Zora. I am currently working undercover for a camp for "special kids." Camp Half-blood. You may have heard of it. If so, good for you. As I was saying, I am working undercover, watching over two demigods with the crazy satyr the kids called Coach Hedge. But there was a third demigod now, not to mention the venti, or wind spirits, who had infiltrated the "Wilderness School" a few weeks ago. I had already warned the coach, but he insisted we wait a little longer to bash a few heads together. Did I mention I hate waiting?

And then the third demigod decides to talk to the satyr. This oughta be fun, I thought and moved a little closer, not having a partner to weigh me down with the worksheet we were supposed to be doing.

"Did you do this?"Coach asked, motioning to the storm above our heads.

The blonde demigod stepped back in surprise. "Do what?"

The crazy satyr glared at him uneasily, "Don't play games with me, kid. What are you doing here, and why are you messing up my job?" I fought an urge to facepalm. Some cover.

"You mean..You don't know me?" The demigod actually sounded hopeful. Poor guy. "I'm none of your students?"

"Never seen you before today," Hedge answered.

Blonde superman sighed in relief. "Look, sir, I don't know how I got here. I just woke up on the school bus. All I know is I'm not supposed to be here."

At the word sir, my mouth almost hit the ground. Nobody called the satyr sir. He liked it waaay too much.

"You got that right," Coach murmured. "You have a powerful way with the Mist, kid, but you can't fool me."

I noticed he left me out of the equation, and was instantly grateful. "I've been smelling monsters for days now. I knew we had an infiltrator, but you don't smell like a monster. You smell like a half-blood. So-who are you, and where'd you come from?"I could see the coach was ready to pound this guy with his club--er, baseball bat--when the blonde guy replied.

"I don't know who I am. I don't have any memories. You gotta help me!" I grinned, sensing the kid was telling the truth and earned a few strange looks from my "classmates." I went back to my worksheet and watched the skies, as I have done for years. Lightning cracked across the sky and a small funnel cloud started to appear.

"Get off the skywalk!! The cow says moo!!!" Hedge yelled into the megaphone and I started herding kids inside the building. One of the two demigods, Piper, and a guy named Dylan held the doors open as I rushed people inside. Coach was struggling to get closer with the other two demigods, including the Latino elf, Leo Valdez, the kid who had screwed with Coach's megaphone. When it was just the six of us, the doors slammed shut and became stuck. Piper and I struggled with the handles, even though warning bells were going off in my head. Dylan stood behind us and was grinning like a true knucklehead when we turned around.

"Sorry, ladies, but I'm done helping," Dylan flicked his wrist and I felt a gust of wind blow Piper away. Dylan frowned at me and flicked his wrist again. "Huh, this usually works."

"Maybe its malfunctioning," I said, shrugging my shoulders and he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Or maybe you are some reinforcements to help with these demigods?" he asked hopefully.

"Uh, no," I answered and held my hand at eye level, palm facing Dylan. "Sorry," I said and white light shot from my palm and sunk into his torso. He screamed in agony as I ran towards Piper.

"Who are you, and how did you do that?" she asked calmly as I yanked her onto her feet.

"I'm Zora. Hi, nice to meet you! How did I do that? The same way I do everything, I suppose," I answered and dragged her against the building.


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