The Way She Smiled.

Chapter 1


Looking like a tragic lovechild,
And didn't you just love the way she smiled?
The stars were swimming in her grin,
But the moon lived deep within her skin,
And didn't you just love the way she smiled?
But little did the sweethearts, with their dresses full of lace,
Their little bonnie blood lips, upon each powdered face,
Know that stars live in the sky, not drowning in one's throat,
And hearts do not dance among the waves upon a boat.
You cannot rip light from your stomach,
The moon within shall surely plummet.
But didn't you just love the way she smiled?
Oceans of emotions may storm away your pride,
But she has choked so many times upon the starry tide.
Her smile was a riddle and her loss was of lust,
And now the moon has crumbled, now nothing more than dust.
So paint the stars inside a whale,
The moon beneath its sturdy tail.
And thank you for the time we danced,
With tragic eyes that spoke and glanced;

You can't shatter your heart enough times for it to run out your eyes,
You can't stop your heart from thinking,
And you can't stop your brain from beating,
But at least you liked the way she smiled.


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