Unlikely Luck. (Medieval Era.)


Chapter 1

The Beginning.

by: British_
Anna stood silently on top of the tower, watching the three carriages full of Stormcloaks approach the town. She held her bow in one hand and an arrow dipped in the finest brewed poison, in the other hand. She crouch down and watched the carriages enter through the gates. Anna quickly moved to the other side of the tower and continued watching. She smirked when she seen the weak man run and get arrowed down, she smiled when Ulfric got of the carriage, there would be alot of blood today, the thought made her blood thirsty. Her hand shook with excitement. Suddenly a war erupted through the sky. She didn't take her eyes off Ulfric. She has been assigned a contract, which must be fulfilled. Ulfric Stormcloak must die by her hand. She smiled. Another roar filled the air, she twitched. She studied the scene wondering why it was taking them so long. A Nord with blonde hair stepped off the carriage, he stepped forward and said something, then he was lead into the line with the Stormcloaks. Even Anna could see that he wasn't a Stormcloak, maybe in the future....but not at the moment. A red haired Stormcloak kneeled at the chopping block. Anna watched stony faced as the executor cut off his head, she watched his head slowly roll away.

"Next the Nord in the rags!" Anna could hear the Captains voice from where she was crouching. The blonde Nord stepped forward and kneeled at the block. Another roar filled the sky. Anna looked around, saw nothing, and looked back. The executor raised his Axe and- the sky went dark suddenly and the ground shook. Causing the executor to fall over. A loud, very close roar filled the sky. Anna looked up. Dragon. The large black dragon swooped down towards her roaring and causing rocks to fall out of the sky. One landed right in front of Anna, she stumbled backwards her back hitting the edge of the wall. She froze in shock and dove out of the way as the black dragon landed five inches away from her. The dragon turned its head and roared at her, saliva flew all over her. The dragon roared again bearing its teeth and snapped at her its front tooth nicking her arm, she flinched and quickly stood up backing away. The dragon roared again her own blood flying in her face. The wound in Anna's arm was gushing blood. The screaming was a distant noise in her head. The dragon lunged at her teeth bared, intent on killing her. Anna jumped backwards sailing over the side of the tower, she was falling fifty feet through the air, sailing towards the ground. 'Talos save me!' She screamed in her head. Anna hit the ground. NARRATOR CHANGE Christopher was following Ralaf when the body landed in front of him. It must have been a trick of his eyes when he saw the body freeze an inch before hitting the ground, the bottom half dipped like someone caught it, then the body was gently laid on the ground. 'I must have blinked.' He told himself. He stepped over the body and ran after Ralaf. He swore and turned around running back. He lifted the very light body and flung it over his shoulder, it probably looked weird.... a man carrying another man. Christopher shrugged it off. Ralaf ran into the Keep and Christopher followed. Ralaf turned around and stared at the body.

'Wha-?' He started.

'He fell from the sky..' Christopher shrugged.

'Take care of him while I look for a way out.' Christopher nodded and set the man on the floor. Suddenly the man sat up coughing and shaking. He held out his palm and cast a healing spell. He glared at Christopher.

'You could say thank you.' Christopher said. The man said nothing, tugging the mask higher up his face. Something about his eyes were off... there was a hardness, a strength but also a softness.. Christopher couldn't quite place it.

'Imperials! Hide!' Ralaf whispered urgently. The man dipped into a crouch and dissolved into the shadow. Christopher's mind whirled. The mans armor was familiar but he couldn't quite place it. Christopher leaned against the wall next to Ralaf. The wooden gate opened and the two imperials ran into the room. The strange man lunged at the Captain, knocking her over she stabbed a curved ebony blade through the soft spot in the back of the helmet on the neck, killing her instantly. Christopher fought the other one using an iron Axe. The imperial held his steel sword up in the block position but Christopher hammered at it. Causing him to stumble. Suddenly the imperial cried out and froze then fell to the ground. The strange man stood behind him wiping the ebony dagger on his armour, then replacing it in its sheath. The dagger....the armour....the mask....The Brotherhood. Christopher lunged at him and shoved him against the stone wall.

"Hey!" Ralaf called out. Christopher shoved his forearm against the mans neck.

"You're an assassin." He snarled. The cold blue eyes stared up at him. No fear in them at all just fire. The man didn’t respond. Christopher grabbed his mask about to pull it off, but he didn't like that and responded faster then Christopher could see. Suddenly Christopher was flying across the room. The man standing above him silently. Then turned and vanished into the shadows. Ralaf helped Christopher on his feet.

"If that really was an assassin," Ralaf started looking down the hallway. "We're lucky to still be alive." Christopher snorted. Not agreeing but not disagreeing. "Violent things they are. Maybe if we recruited them for the Stormcloaks, we'd win this war."

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