☛ I Rant, Therefore I Am ☚

Coming from someone who's been here since 2009, I can tell you a lot of the bull on this site isn't new. My advice is that people stop feeding the trolls. Anyway, sorry if you see this as spam, stupid, biased, etc. They're my opinions, and i'm tired of staying quiet in the corner while idiots have it out around here. ✌

Chapter 1

No, kid. You're not in love.

*When I say "you", it means people in general. Not you specifically, because, well... you're not that important to me! smirks Just kidding, I write about things people i'm not friends with do. I don't keep ignorants on my friends list. Anyway, on with the show.

Love. Teen love, quibblo love, school love, lost love, it makes no difference to me. I'm not going to run out here and say you're too young to know what love is if you're 17 or younger, i'm not. I was only 14 the first time I fell in love. But, I am going to tell you that when you decide to "date" a fellow Quibblonian, you shouldn't expect it to be a forever thing. Sadly, most of you all do. And why you would make such a naive assumption is far beyond me. Maybe you're more hopeful than me, maybe you're just dumb. Either way it's not the best choice.

Want reasons why? Fine.

1. If they don't have photos of themselves, then you have no clue what they really look like. Hell, i'm not going to say it's a creepy old guy, but it could be someone who already has an account, trying to toy with you simply because they can. And just because they do have photos doesn't prove anything, either. Seriously, google a short description of their hair color, gender, and style and see what comes up. Many users, even active ones, have photos from the year 2000 they got online of some emo boy/girl and claim it's them and they're like 14 years old. Do the math. Even if they had their photos on google like that, it doesn't make sense unless the years match.

2. When they say they don't have Skype and can't call due to minute shortage, it might be a girl you're talking to instead of a boy. Or even, they might look different than they say. Also, see number one again. Really, it might be the most important point to remember. Oh, also just not wanting to text, or even email, is a sign. My email is always something that sounds more feminine than masculine. If I were to make a fake account I could never pass it off. A lot of fakes probably have that issue too, and might even make a fake email just for the sake of covering it up.

3. They're probably chatting with other people while you're together, just in case something they want more comes along. And they'll drop you like a hot potato. A really hot potato. Why? Because lots of people online are desperate. I've observed many cases where teens won't care if they have anything in common. As long as they have someone to call theirs, they're fine. Now, how sad is that? If you have any sense, then please, refuse to be that person. Have some self-respect.

4. Gettin' intimate is common practice online. If you're not into that, you have next to no business dating here, as that's one of the benefits most people seek. And if they claim they're okay with it after asking, they'll probably pry now and again to see if you are, while getting their kicks with other users or even on other websites. It doesn't matter if you think it's gross or weird, it's true. I get messages daily from people I don't know wanting that and while I'm not interested ever it shows me how many out there are.

5. THIS ISN'T A DATING SITE. If you meet someone, fine. Great. Perfect. But if a user makes an account for the only purpose of dating, a red flag needs to be popping up in your head. This is for quizzes and stories, yet they don't make stories and flirt around all day. See where this is weird? Cause if you don't, look again. It's weird.

Plus, if someone gets dumped, they spam everyone, saying their heart is forever broken, they wanna delete, etc. And they want revenge on that person so most times they make fake accounts of "people" who support them in telling the community how awful so-and-so is. Really? Grow the f♥ck up, you make yourself look like a j♥ackass, and we really don't care for the most part. Why? We just wanna make quizzes and stories. It's your personal life, why don't you keep it that way?

Does it really have to be so complicated, people?


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