I'm trying to do this :D Wish me luck!

IMPORTANT The tryouts close when I accept 9 other people. Come soon!

Chapter 1

The tryouts begin!

You are a student in the Monarchy Preparatory Highschool For Privileged Teens, or "Monarchy prep" for short. The school colors are blue and white. Our mascot is the titan. The school year has started about 2 weeks ago.

You are walking down the hall and when you pass the bulletin board, you see a large poster with the words "CHEER TRYOUTS" on it in bold letters. You read the poster and it says:
"Try out for cheer! Sign up here! Want to show your spirit, then we gotta hear it!"
"Come try out for cheer on the football field tomorrow at lunch with Chanelle Winter! You don't need all of the fancy flips and tricks, you just need to be a good team player, and good with words. Even if you think you do bad, you'll do alright, OK, and you might make it anyways!"

You put your name on the sign up sheet, and you see Chanelle coming your way, you'd know the gold shine of her hair anywhere!
"Thinking of trying out? Cool! You'll be welcome with open arms. See you there!"

To be continued...

In the comments, you need to submit a profile of your student. Use the outline that I'm using for my student profile, and I'll reply to your comment saying if you are going to be included in the next chapter ;)

My Profile =(^-^)=

Name: Chanelle Winter
-Long silky golden blonde hair, usually brushed to the left side of her body
-Bright, shimmery aqua eyes
-Fair skin tone
Usual outfit(s):
-Cheer uniform (Looks like glee uniform, but the red parts are light blue and the "WMHS" says "MONARCHY")
-Pastel pink frill blouse, Black miniskirt, White bow stilettos, Silver bow headband
Personality: Most popular girl in school, smart, kind (only mean when she has to be), caring, athletic
Year (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior): Junior

I hope you sign up and have fun!

DakotaHerGorgeousness - Chanelle Winter
Hope32 - Clara Smith
Prom_Queen - Anastasia Darling


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