Best Friends

Hello, CLARA. Enjoy reading this >:D And you too, Donna Noble.

Chapter 1


by: _Bored_
Without looking, what's your Quibblonian best friend's username?
I have two. Lilypotter101 and indigopandaXD

Do you know your friends real name? If so, what is it?
XP Yes, I do. Clara Oswin Oswald, and Donna Noble :P

How old are they?
Pffft, I really don't know.

When is their birthday?
You know, for some reason, birthdays don't go well on the TARDIS.

What is their favorite color?
Looks thoughtful I know that Donna's is indigo, and I think Clara's is TARDIS blue. I know mine is :P

What is their favourite song?

Who is their favorite singer/band?
Just because I have a diary full of information about everyone, that does not mean I remember all this stuff.

What's their favorite season?
Rolls eyes I really have no idea.

What is their favorite quote?
Well, I'm pretty sure Clara's is run you clever boy. And remember, and I don't know what Donna's is.

How many family members do they have?
Clara has 2, and so does Donna.

Do they have any siblings?
Nope :P

How long have they been on Quibblo?

Why are they on Quibblo?
Because they needed some way to talk to the Doctor and I :P I mean, who wouldn't?

What is their favorite Quibblo quiz/story?
Am I meant to know?

Have they been featured member before?
How do you even tell?

How many accounts have they had?
One, I'm pretty sure.

What's their favorite food?
Go ask them!

What state/country do they live in?
:| Sorry, paparazzi.

Do they play any sports?
Running, but that's not for fun, it's running for their lives.

How long have you been friends?
:| Depends. Time is not a straight line as most people think, it's more a ball of... wibbly-wobbly timey wimey... stuff...

List five other things about your closest Quibblonian friend

Clara: She's impossible. She's met the Doctor more than the average companion. She witnessed the 11th Doctors regeneration. The Doctor's main goal apart from flirting is to discover who she is. Oh, and she's head over heels for the Doctor XD
Donna: She was the 10th Doctor's companion. She has one fiery temper. She actually had the knowledge of a Time Lord at one point. She wasn't in love with the 10th Doctor, they were just very good friends. She had to have her memory removed of all her time with the Doctor so she could live.

Scowls I really need to start destroying those Daleks.


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