harry potter spells tag

Chapter 1


hey guys i did this fun harry potter spells tag.
it'd mean a lot to me if you'd watch and subscribe!

Harry potter spell tag

Expecto potronum; childhood book connected to good memories.

Ginger Pie by Eleanor Estes

Expelliarmus; a book that took you by surprise

the giver

Prior incantato; the last book you read.

perfect scoundrels or fangirl

Alhomora; a book that introduced you to a genre you hadn’t considered before

not sure

Riddikulus; a funny book you’ve read

Percy Jackson

Sonorous; a book you think everyone should no about

legend, prodigy, and champion by Marie Lu

Obliviate: a book you wish you could forget having read


Imperio: a book you had to read for school

Audrey Wait … technically

Crucio; a book that was painful to read

Night by Eli Wiesel

Avada kedavra: a book that could kill

The Host by Stephanie Meyer


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