The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits is an original group story, it revolves around the life of Pixie Adams, a talented yet undiscovered 16 year old girl, and her newly discovered friends Levi Jones, Cheria Blackwood, Jason Omagh, Bethany Tigers, and Alex Drew . They are all different than other people, misfits as you might call them, misfits who will eventually blossom into something thought as impossible from their own peers. Read on and discover their dramatic story.

Chapter 3

Loneliness and Kittens- Bethany Tigers

I've never really had anything like a friend, at least not in a while. I sit and daydream sketching the pictures of little kittens in the corner of my papers during lunch. You might say I .... uh have an obsession with anything with furry paws and pink noses. But no one would expect that from the girl who hardly ever talks to anyone and has no friends.

I hate trying to hide from the world because no one will accept me.

I want to scream to the whole school "I don't care what you think so judge away!"

But I suppose they do that anyways so meh. I pull my turkey sandwich out of my lunch bag and take a big bite spreading mustard on my face. Naturally, Tracy and the Barbie squad gravitate in my direction with their lipstick smirks. I sigh and wipe the mustard away with my sleeve but I know it's too late, they saw me.

"Awww look at little Bethany she's so... so.... pathetic," Tracy cackles and her possy laughs along with her.

I nod "Uh huh and is that a zit growing right there," I say then reaching up as fast as I can and flick her on the nose.

Tracy squeals and grabs her piggy little nose which well fits her perfectly.

She sticks her tongue out at me and waves at her friends "Come on girls. Let's go!"

I grin as they walk away and out the door "Don't let the door hit you where mother nature split you," I grumble as Tracy passes through the door into the cafeteria.

Suddenly there is a sift touch on my shoulder so I jump back dropping my sandwich to the ground.

"Great job telling Tracy off," a smiling boy with beautiful green eyes and awesome blonde red dipped hair.

I nod "Yea except I dropped my stupid sandwich and now I have nothing to eat."
"Oh crap was that my fault? I forgot to mention I'm Alex Drew," Alex says looking down at my dirt covered turkey.

I grin "Its ok you just scared me so I dropped it," I explain.

He laughs and picks up off the ground "I'll go throw this away but no hard feelings?"
"None at all," I giggle, he picks up the sandwich and walks off.

I can't help but think about how cute Alex Drew is and I'm suprised he even noticed me. But I guess I git lucky and maybe today will be pretty great. The bell rings and everyone gets up to head to class. I have to go to Algebra but I figure it can wait a few minutes. I yank out my cell phone from my pocket and pop my silver earbuds into my ear. I scroll through my songs and stop on my favorite one, Dust Bowl Dance by Mumford And Sons. The song plays through my head automatically sending me into an amazing mood as I push my way through the sardine can packed high school hallways. Eventually I get to my locker who I share with some red head girl that I don't even know. I pull out my big red Algebra book from my locker and shove it into my black skull backpack. I sigh and right before I close my locker I notice a pink sticky note stuck to my whiteboard.

I pull it off and briskly read through it a frown crossing my face as I realise what it says.
"Hi Bethany. I'm getting a new locker partner so you need to get your crap and go somewhere else! You have until like I don't know next Thursday so yea."

I crumble up the sticky note and throw it to the floor. How am I going to find a new locker partner now? Ugh, whatever I don't need her anyways. So much for having a good day.

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