The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits (Original Group Story)

The Misfits is an original group story, it revolves around the life of Pixie Adams, a talented yet undiscovered 16 year old girl, and her newly discovered friends Levi Jones, Cheria Blackwood, Jason Omagh, Bethany Tigers, and Alex Drew . They are all different than other people, misfits as you might call them, misfits who will eventually blossom into something thought as impossible from their own peers. Read on and discover their dramatic story.

Chapter 2

Sandwiches and Kazoo's - Jason Omagh

And so I sat in Math class, bored out of my mind, my eyes surveyed the front of the room as the teacher droned on, something about Finite mathematics. Or something like that, I didn't even know. My fingers rapped as quietly as possible on the graffiti covered desk was I waited for my note to be passed back. Soon, but not soon enough, a sharp fold on the paper note poked into my back. I slowly reached my hand back, watching Mr. Klugh's every move, the last thing I need is another lecture.

Hey, ready for the Swim meet? Read the uppermost part of the little piece of paper scrawled in my writing. Below was multiple other handwritings, much different than each other. Explains why it took so long to get back to me, I finally managed to find my friends writing in the mess.

Yep! But what are you gunna do Tracy Dale? She's coming to our swim meet. And you know what happened the last time... It read. Ohhh yea.. Last meet.. You see, I'm a long distance swimmer, and one of the best on our school swim team. I had been getting ready to do one of my favorite events, the 500 freestyle. With some difficulty I had stripped from my usual soccer muscle shirt, white shores, and arm compressor into fitted swim shorts and a swim cap. I had made my way to my lane, chatting with a few guy friends before taking a glance into the stands

Unfornunitly I had looked up just in time to see Tracy and all her girlfriends goggling and staring at me like I was a Hollister model. They screamed and pointed at me as I stepped up to the starting block, so embarrassing. One of the guys on the other team, next to me in another lane, glanced at me with either sympathy or jealousy. I couldn't tell. It was even worse when I won the race, they had all come running to me in some sort of "Congratulations! Come on! Lets swarm Jason till he can't breath! " celebration I literally had to run into the locker room to escape them.

Seriously? Ugh, you should cover for me, I have one of the last events too. And I can't have some stupid cheerleading squad on the sidelines staring at my rump every time I do a flip turn. I scribbled where there was space, handing it back once again. This time, less than a minute later, I had the note back on my desk with my friend's reply.

Sorry dude, your the hott one! I can't cover for you, but if for some reason I can't make it, Good. Luck. Oh and btw, I don't recommend wearing the soccer muscle shirts anymore, I think there attracting the "unwanted"s to you Reading the note quickly I shoved it into my pocket, once again surveying the room for anything interesting. Something caught my eye.

Oh, but it wasn't something it was someone . All the way in the back, Headphones in ears, shoulder-length mahogany hair, freckles coating in perfect places. There sat a beautiful chick, alone, not talking or noticed by anyone around her.

" Dangg..... " I said to myself before slowly turning back to the front. Perfect timing, the bell rang, as fast as I could I grabbed my backpack from the backrest of the chair and shoved my binder in, attempting not to crush too many papers. Playing off the bit of panic I calmly joined my friends waiting at the door, snatching a glance at the girl I had noticed at the back of the room before continuing on.

" Hey Jasy-pooh! " Ericka Snide, one of Tracy's "best friends", practically screamed at me in joy, latching onto my arm. " Oooo, the great Jason Omagh flaunts his sweet figure once again! " She said, feeling the muscles in my arms.

" Uh, Yea. Its my skin. " I state as nicely as possible, " What do you want anyway? "

" Can't your bestest friend visit you? " Your not my friend, not even close I thought to myself but managed to keep my mouth shut. Grabbing a snickers, shoving it into an open pocket, I started to walk away. Ericka clutched onto my arm as if her very life depended on it.

" Let go of me... Please... " I said as calmly as possible, trying to shake her death grip off my arm. But, yet, she did not let go. And instead, began to pull me in the other direction. I noticed Tracy and her other minions "hiding" behind a corner.

Uh, NO. Not gunna happen... I thought to myself as I grabbed her hand and yanked her hand off as roughly as I could, starting off towards my friends table that we claimed for ourselves the first day of school. As I was walking I peered over the window ledge, watching the butterflies flutter on by.

The familiar color of mahogany hair caught my eye once again, there sat the girl from Math class, all alone. That's just not right, securing my snickers in my pocket I turned towards the door leading outside. My friends would understand. Slowly, almost sneakily, I walked across the grounds toward there girl. Standing slightly above her, watching her contemplate her sandwich. Finally, I guess she noticed me standing there, she looked up at me. I do not know whether her face showed pure surprise, or absolute horror. Maybe both.

"Hey there, you're that girl in my math class, aren't you?" I start.

"...uh, yeah," She says, still surprised that I'm standing next to her "Um...I'm Pixie if you didn't know, which you probably didn't, Pixie Adams"

" Nice name, mystical awesomeness... with a slight devilish side.. " I state, thinking over "Pixie" as a name, she smiled a bit, " I'm Jason Omagh, you might know me from watching a Swim meet or a soccer game. "

She just nodded slightly and had a stare down with her sandwich.

" Whoa! You like Linkin Park too? " I exclaim, noticing her T-shirt, her head shot up from the sandwich stare down.

" Yes! I love that band! They're my favorite! "

" Have you heard In the End? " I asked, her eyes grew really big, making her bright eyes shine. " I tried to hard and got so far.. " I started singing, yes. I sing, and I mighty good one at that!

"... But in the end, It doesn't even matter.. " We finished together, my voice mixings almost perfectly with hers. The voice of an angel.

" Ah, so you sing too?" I asked, she seemed equally surprised that I sung as well. She nodded proudly. " You amazing at anything else? "

" I play guitar too " She said almost slyly, " What about you? "

" Well... I can rock the Kazoo! " I say, doing a superman pose. She laughed, her hair bouncing on her shoulders playfully. I pulled out my special orange kazoo, seconds later, she realized I was serious in my kazoo skills. Taking a deep breathe, I started to play the tune of Thrift Shop by Macklemore.

No music, no background beat. Just pure skill.

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