Well, I Just Got Owned by a Quiz Thing.

It was so mean!

Chapter 1

What a Jerk

Okay so I was doing this thing. It was what What Your Favorite Downton Abbey Character Says About You. And well, I kind of think that Thomas is my favorite character and here is what is said about me:


You are insufferably conflicting. People get whiplash just standing next to you. One second you're trying to ruin someone's life, and the next you're crying in a corner and that same person just wants to give you a hug. Really, you need to decide whether you're a hero or a heel.

You're clearly hiding something, and you're so desperate to keep your secret safe that you're always attacking others before they can attack you. No one can accuse you of not being resourceful when it comes to looking out for your own well-being. You'd shoot off your own hand to get out of war and you're not above stealing your boss' favorite pet to make him desperate for your help. You're the cleverest of them all. Please try using it for good in the future.

That's just kind of cruel isn't it? I mean seriously. But I guess I can kind of see it in me though. Still though! How rude!


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