2013 was the thigh gap, guess what's coming this year?

Chapter 1


So I assume we've all heard about the infamous "thigh gap," right? Just in case, a thigh gap is something which took women by storm during 2013, with the notion that when one is standing upright, back straight, knees touching, your thighs should not be touching each other. At any point.

Now, thigh gaps are usually pretty unattainable; for example, 99.9% of women with narrow hips cannot attain a thigh gap. And most women with wide set hips don't have thigh gaps either, if they have good muscle structure. Look, I'm not going to go into the "Science of the thigh gap," because I'd bore you to tears. Long story short, thigh gaps are not things that most people have naturally.

Some doctors blame the "thigh gap craze" for the increasing number of young girls with eating disorders. Because it's so hard to get a thigh gap naturally, it's not uncommon for people to resort to things like anorexia or bulimia to get them. Usually they don't even realise they're developing an eating disorder at first, and by the time they do it's too late.

But we're not talking about that today.

Today we're going to discuss something new! Yay! How exciting!

Raise your hand if you've heard of (ノ◕△◕)ノ~『✧~THE BIKINI BRIDGE~✧』

Yes? No? Sounds familiar?

Well, the bikini bridge is something that's been a notion for quite some time; it's been found on pro-ana (pro-anorexia) and pro-mia (pro-bulimia) forums since 2009.

The term "bikini bridge" refers to when your hips protrude, causing a gap between your pants and your lower abdomen. A lot of girls can acheive this by lying down, but the prospect of having a prominent one whilst standing is honestly terrifying.

Not quite sure what the "bikini bridge" is supposed to look like? Not to worry, here's a photo for you.

As you can see, the girl in the picture is lying down, and the girls in about 70% of the pictures are lying down. But there are a lot of people who say you should technically be standing, so I'm not too sure.

This new trend has been brought to us by bored 4chan users. Who have now created a very dangerous type of "thinspiration."

If you've ever seen a pro-ana or pro-mia blog, you know what I mean by "thinspiration." Inspiration to become more thin, basically. It's scary and it's terrifying and it's triggering, but I don't blame the runners of the blogs. They themselves are suffering with diseases; they're not trying to trigger people. I can say from personal experience that it's actually pretty comforting to know that there are people out there thinking the same way that you are, and without these blogs, I wouldn't have grasped that concept.

No, the blame for trends like these rests solely in those who come up with them in the first place and turn them into yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women.

There's a lot of conflict as to whether or not you should be standing; after all, if you're lying down, the key element is gravity rather than thinness. I predict that this will drastically effecting the eating disorder problem; already I'm seeing thinspo of girls standing up with bikini bridges.

I can honestly say that trends like this are seriously damaging. The thigh gap was too, but I can see this becoming even worse. People already suffering with eating disorders look at things like this and immediately check to see if they have one; if it's good enough, if it's acceptable, if they're skinny enough. And more often than not, they come up with the answer ''no.''

Buzzfeed has also posted an article entitled '12 perks of having a bikini bridge' with reasons such as 'it is the ultimate beach accessory', 'Harry Styles will be 857 per cent more attracted to you' and 'you and your girls will become the talk of the town'.

Speaking of Harry Styles; he publicly admitted to being in favour of the concept of a bikini bridge on Twitter. His Tweet has since been deleted, but not before it earned itself 115,359 favourites. http://www.quibblo.com/user/fredanddracoaremyconsorts/photoalbum/2371790

As an internet hoax, I suppose it could be considered a success. But just like #cutforbeieber, which was also started on 4chan, this is a serious problem that is spiralling out of control. Maybe it started as a joke, but it's not a joke anymore.

This isn't funny. Anyone who thinks it's funny is sick. I myself Tweeted about it yesterday and was replied to with (and I quote);
"There's a big difference between skinny and healthy hun and #bikinibridge is healthy. Don't be afraid to love yourself!"

"Don't be afraid to love yourself."

Can we just talk about that for a moment?

I was told "don't be afraid to love yourself" and encouraged to aspire for a bikini bridge by this woman.

Now this isn't about the bikini bridge part; I'm just going to ignore that because we don't need to go into my background. Long story short, I'm far too skinny, so I don't need to think about getting a bikini bridge, thanks very much.

What pissed me off the most is the declaration that "loving yourself" has now become.. this.

Thinking that you need to be "skinny" to be happy is complete bullsh♥t, my friends. Skinny does not equal happy. Loving yourself is deciding you will look the way you want to look regardless of what anyone else says, and loving yourself for that reason.

This "bikini bridge" thing has blown up in less than 72 hours.
That is terrifying.
If your natural shape is with a bikini bridge (unlikely while you're standing), that's great, good for you.
If it's not; please, please, please, for your own health, do not try to get one.
It's dangerous and mind controlling. You don't need to look a certain way. You don't need to meet society's expectations. You are beautiful because you are human and no one can take that away from you.


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