We're enemies! Friends!? NEVER! (A crazy group story)

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Chapter 1

Betray me and it'll be the last thing you'll do.

"WHEN WE GET OUT OF HERE I'M PERSONALLY GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OF!" I shriek as the walls start to collapse on itself.

Umm...well...Yeah whatever lets take a break from all...that and let me explain to you what is going on. This is 24th century, and things have not changed for the better. If anything things had gotten way worse. People where gaining powers even magical creatures started showing up, and because of this people began to get greedy and jealous. A huge war broke out and lasted for two centuries, but then the war finally ended. The world after that was left in chaos, so two brave souls step up and became kings of the new world. A century past and it was peaceful until the new King, King Somber took the throne. Now we are in danger for other all out war. The reason for this is because he wants to control the entire world, so that he can be the supreme ruler. Because of this people began choosing sides between Royals(The good king, King Alaric), and the Rebels(King Somber, my leader).

I am a Rebel, but not only that, I am the leader a group of skill psychopaths. I am a Rebel for two simple reasons. First one, my entire family was killed right infront of me and the only reason I'm still alive is because of my powers. It turn out as they were about to kill me I discovered my powers. Once I did I was shocked, but glad and I began to kill everyone in my site and enjoying it to. Two, I get to kill anyone my master orders me too, and I loved take the lives of others. It just gave me pleasure in seeing pain and horror on my victims faces as their lives flashed before eyes.

Well, before I resume back to our litte scene I'll tell how me and my teem got in that sticky situation.... My team is the most powerful group in the entire kingdom, so we get more jobs than most, which doesn't really bother me as long as I get to kill Royal trash.

"Listen up, I need the first class Rebels to report to the throne room you have a new mission." The a soldier says a he leads us to the throne room. I smirk I wonder what the mission will be.

"Come on team, hehe we don't want to keep our lord waiting." I say as I face
My team.

"Whatever..." Samuel sighed. I called him Sammy because I knew he hated it. Honestly I like pushing people buttons until they burst, because that when things get fun.

"Whatever you say..." Karen Blackwood a girl as black as her name. I call her Blackwood just because I sounds cooler.

"Yes, we shall be right on it no need to worry." Olive said her voice echoing off with some hits of a think british accent. Something she reminds me of Sherlock Holmes sometimes so I call her Holmes. I love giveing nicknames to people even though they may or may not like it.

"WE'RE HERE, did you miss me your highness?" I say as we walk in.

"SHOW MORE RESPECT TO HIS MAJESTY!" One of the guard yell at me. I smirk and give him a devilish grin. It shuts him up almost immediately. I turn back to his highness, and smirk evilly.

"What is the mission you have for us your majesty?"

"I need you to kill the advanced group of royals, I think you'll know them." He said as he toss an a holographic modifier over to me. I open the file and then ti my amazement I found my true enemy. I saw Redd Exfield the leader of one the most advanced the most powerful Royal group they their kingdom. I smirk, I'm getting a chance to kill him!? HOW SPLENDID!

"Yes sir..." I grin I begin to walk out but I am stop by tbe guards. I look back at the king expecting him to explain of why I couldn't leave.

"I'm not done yet. I need you to lure him into Mt. Hadro, and kill him there."

"Why there?" I question

"There's a little surprise for him there... you are dismissed." Ok even I don't trust the king, and this seemed all to shady. But king and I have no choice but to follow his orders. Ans as I leave I hear the king speak one last time. "Don't betray me.."

"Never my lord, but the one that should by saying that is me." I send a venomous glance at the king. Because if you betray me it'll be the last thing you'll do.
{Writer: xD you see what I did there}

"Okay we leave in a few go what ever you need, and if you have a pet MAKE SURE IT IS ON IT'S BEST BEHAVIOR I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE TIME LOOKING FOR IT IF IT HAPPENS TO RUN AWAY" I yelled.

I called Griffin, my pet dragon.

Yes, Master (Me and Griffin can talk telepathically)

Were going on a mission, be on your best behavior I also need you to be our ride so when were outside the palace I need you te change size. Ok?

Yes master he said happy as he shrunk size and jumped in my arms.

~A few minutes later~

"Is everyone ready?" I ask. Everyone nodded some inchanged words but I didn't care to hear. "Everyone get on, we are going to the Royal town and start a commotion to draw out the enemy, once that's done we'll draw them to Mt. Hadro where we shall dispose of them. Everyone got? Yes good now get on."

"I'm noy get on that thing." Sammy said being difficult again.

"We don't have time for this hun, STOP BEING SO DAMN DIFFICULT!" I screamed. I really hated when he does this.



"Come, you know she'll do it just get on.." Blackwood said.

"Yeah stop being a boob and get one we don't have all day." THANK YOU OLIVE. I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE FINALLY.

"No and that's, that." Sammy glared.

"Fine." I form my shield around him and levitate him on Griffin.


"Like I care what you said, I'm the leader of this group so you will do as I say. And that goes for all of you. UP GRIFFIN!" And we were off with some resistant. It was a long trip, but we got they and as we landed Griffin shrunked and we all jumped down. I let Sammy out of his baby bubble.

"Come on everyone lets start a riot!" I grin evilly. "And Griffin stay here until I call you ok?"

Yes Master, be careful

I smirk Now why would I do a foolish thing like that

"YES MA'AM!" My team and my team separate and cause chaos. We wre killing and destroying anything in sight. It took a while but they finally showed up.

"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS!?" It was Redd heheh, it was about time he showed up I was getting bored.

"Oh Redd haven you learned by now I don't need a reason for what I do. I just do it because it's fun nothing more, nothing less." I grin psychoticly. I see an elderly woman on the ground it seemed like she was dying, hm must have ran into Sammy, so I walk over to her bend down so I could whisper in her ear.
"/Let me end your suffering/" I choo in her ear. I take my sword a slit her throat, and she dies almost immediately. I usually don't give mercy, but I was in a good mood right now so what ever. I looked back to. Redd he has a disguised look on his face. Hehe, lokk like he doesn't like my way of giving mercy.

"Your a monster."

"And your a royal headache, CIAO!" I say as I run off. I send the signal to everyones wrist holograms, so they know to head to the cave 'Mt. Habro'. I still don't feel right about this something was up and I didn't like it. I met up with them and it seem that they had some party guys as well. "Hehe so they did you guys have fun?" I say as I see Redds team mates chase after us.

"We had a splendid time!" Holmes said with a happy, but crazed face.

The others just nodded or just ignored my question. We finally make it to the damned cave. I ran inside and the stupid royals followed. Then suddenly the case closed on itself. What the hell!?!? What's GOING ON.

"Welcome Royals, oh and my loyal ponds." seninle a hologram of the king showed right in front of us.

"My lord! What's going on!?" I was shocked. DID HE JUST LOCK ME IN A CAVE WITH THOSE DANMED ROYAL TRASH!?!?

"Oh, Blazer it seems you have completed your mission good job. Now you maybe wondering why your stuck in there, well let me explain. I have you you and your team as decoys to lure the First class Royals that I can finally be able to move forward in my plan. Unfortunately I knew that they we'll only come if I had my advance team come as well, so unfortunately you and your team you will have to die with them."

I was furious now. I wasn't afraid to die, and honestly I didn't care. The problem was I had to die along with those ROYALS.


"It doesn't matter, I was planning for you to die this way for a while. Now I have to go I have a meeting to go to."

"YOU OLD BASTURD," I yell at the top of my lungs "WHEN WE GET OUT OF HERE I'M PERSONALLY GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OF" Then the wall start to collapse on themselves.

I make a shield around all of...even the stupid Royal. Everyone look at me shocked even my own team.

"Why are you saving us!?" A boy said umm what was his name again...OH YEAH it was Kyle I remember because of the info I read about him.

"Well it's deffinally noy because I seen the errors of my ways," I say sweating, the pressure of the wall are weighing their total, but I can handle it. "It just that the old fart went to such extremes to kill you I just was to ruin it for him. Oh and one more thing, IF YOU CAN HELP ME IT WOULD BE VERY NICE THANK YOU!" Well after I say that everyone with powers the were useful at the moment finally GOT OFF THERE LAZY BUTTS and helped. The only one unable to helped were Redd and Sky
Everyone either had weather power or telekinesis so it helped. I couldn't help, bit laugh at Redd seeing how he was totally useless in this situation.

"EVERYONE DIRECT ALL YOUR POWERS TO THE TOP OF THE CAVE!" I scream. And as instructed they did. I told them to do this because with enough power we should be able to create a gaint hole in the roof. As predict I hole was has formed.
"GRIFFIN COME HERE NOW" As soon as I shouted he name he come. "EVERYONE CLIMB ON THIS PLACE IT COMING DOWN WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW" Everyone rush on Griffin and once everyone on he flew out. I put a shield around us so the falling rocks wouldn't get in our way. Once we we're out the entire mountain caved in on itself it was soo COOL.

Once we my team gets in a fighting position. Sammy was about to attack, but I pull me sword out in front of him. He was shocked that I stopped his attack.


"No, there's no reason to.." I say calmly "lets go..."


"NO, REMEMBER YOU ARE LOYAL TO ME NOT THE KING! You made a contract to follow me all of you have. We are leaving." I say. Griffin has shrunk down so he can he sit on my shoulder. I began to walk away and my team follow.

"WAIT! WHY DON'T YOU JOIN THE ROYALS!" Hear haer that boy Kyle yell after us.
The rest of his team look at him like he offered to make a deal with the devil.

"Why in the world would I want to do that?" I stop and look back at him.

"So you can get your revenge of course, just think of the look on hs face when his best team has just joined his worst enemy wouldn't that satisfy you?" I smiled gleefully. He had a point I would LOVE to see that, and I just to have reinforcements. Hmm...I think this world got a little bit more.../interesting/.

I turn around and face them. I may have to work with that no good Redd, but it be worth killing that old fart. I grin devilishly "/I'm in.../"

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