I kinda need advice

Chapter 1

Suspicious? Ehh. Scared? Hell yea

So recently there has been some weird happenings at my church, like, WEIRD. Things getting stolen, doors being unlocked only minutes after locking them, a dude that was found in the library one day, computer problems that under further inspection were caused by pulled plugs, missing dollys ( I don't miss them, creepy f**kers..) and much, much, more.

Now the people at the church held a meeting of what they were going to do about it. For some reason, my name was brought up. So they started discussing that they would hire me to work the computer for the Televisions in the inside of the church and patrol the halls every once and a while. If I something goes wrong, I have to investigate and fix it.

With my load of huge confidence, I accepted the job of being a detective almost immediately, but there's problem.

I. Am. Terrified.

Shortly after saying that I would accept this job the board filled me in on a few specific strange happenings, one is a particularly strange one that stayed with me afterwards.

So during the church praising and pastor blabbing on, the TV's were having massive problems ( at this time I was not hired). The screens were all messed up, TV's were left with sudden blankness, lyrics were not showing, everything that could possibly go wrong was happening.

Under further inspection, it was found that the plugs connecting the computers, TVs, and sound board had been pulled from the socket in the electronics room. But they were all fine and plugged when they started.

Only 6 people went to the bathroom at the time between the start and the end.

Why do I say this ^^ ? Because one of the guys that went into the bathroom clogged the toilet, told the janitor and left. The next guy that came in took to another stall, as did the next, and the one after that. The 5th man went to the floor below to another bathroom. The 6th was no where to be found at the time.

Normally, I would corner the 6th man and question him. But here's the catch.

Nobody knows who Man 1 through 6 is, we have no idea who they are, when they came, and what time the plugs were pulled. The same thing happened next sunday, same number of men, same problems.

I have to find clues ( fingerprints, shoe prints, marks, anything) , track these men down some how, question them, and then decide on the culprit. Somehow. ( I swear to god this is like a game of Clue, but real life)

In another incident the Dollys were missing from the nursery, greatly missed by the children. Very shortly after church there was this New Years celebration bash, when there was a scream heard, most came running/wobbling/wheeling/walking as fast as they could. It was found the dollys had been placed in various places around the church, peeking out of small spaces, looking down from lights, One even had half its face roasted ( blow torched) .

Like I said before, with my load of confidence, I would be pumped. I am the perfect person for this, I know the church inside-out like the back of my hand, I can easily hide, and I can observe what most can't.

But like I said before, I. Am. Terrified. Mainly of the church, the church scares me. There is a ton of dark corners everywhere, creeky doors, creaky floorboards, things falling apart, and key holes to look through in rooms that lead everywhere, mazes within the walls. There is a hell of a lot more, but I scared typing this.

Any advice for me?


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