What has happened to me in the past few years...

Help me....

Chapter 1


I was sitting in my room on a Saturday morning.

My hair was a mess, and I was still wearing my pajamas, but I didn’t care.

It was finally Game Day, as I called every Saturday.

I searched through my box of old and new games for the Sega Saturn when I stumbled across a copy of Sonic R with a sticky note attached to it.

I didn’t remember ever buying the game.

The note was written in red ink, and looked like someone was in a hurry when they wrote it, due to the writing being barely legible.

I could still make out what it said, though.

It said, cAN yOU fEEl tHE sunshine?

I dropped the game in total shock after I read the note.

''NOT THE SUNSHINE!'' I screamed.

I remembered seeing that message everywhere I went after my cousin did the Tails Doll curse and got killed.

It was written in blood on his wall. And on everything I saw after that
Even as I typed this, I saw the bloody writing on my computer screen, slowly fading.

Anyway, after I dropped the game, I left it on the floor, shaking with fear.

I noticed my small Tails plushie next to me and I was suddenly filled with hatred, more than I've ever felt in my life.

I picked it up, shouted ''Get AWAY from me you DEVIL!'', and threw it across the room.

I heard a very satisfying THUMP as the plush hit the wall and slumped to the floor.

Then I felt a presence in my room.

Not a human spiritual presence, but a deadly one.

I spun around and saw the Tails Doll floating slightly in front of my television, the Sonic R disk floating next to it.

I screamed, a long, loud one filled with pure fear.

The doll covered its ears and when I stopped, uncovered its ears and gestured to the disk floating next to it.

There was a Sega Saturn controller on the floor and I knew what the doll wanted me to do.

It wanted me to get through the game 100%.

To beat it.

I grabbed the disk, put it into the system, and began to play.

Hours passed, then, I finished the game.

My fingers felt like they were going to break as I placed the controller down.

The doll nodded in approval.

Then it spoke. It didn`t open its mouth, but it spoke to me. It was a calming voice. A soothing voice.

Scared and weak, I was now at its command.

I did not have the powers I have now, so I could not defend myself if the doll tried to kill me.

It spoke. I listened.

"Hello, Arin."

''Hello, Tails Doll.''

I found myself to be able to speak with my own words, but was still unable to stand.

"I am here because you know."

''What do I know?''

"You know...you know how to do something, Arin. You know how to make people suffer. You`ve done this, but yet you haven`t. I want you to show me HOW I can do this. You`ve made people suffer most horrible fates, some so horrible, so terrifying I hadn`t thought of them yet. I want you to help me do this."


"Unfortunately I cannot will you into doing this, because then I would be insulting you...But if you do this..."

He smiled an evil smile.

"I will tell you what you need to know."

I had thought about it for a minute.

If I agreed, it would hurt everyone. Then again, I do that a lot. I smiled and accepted.

The doll set me free from its gaze and disappeared into the confines of my room.

I have been helping it ever since
But one thing was never clear to me that day. What did it mean that it would be insulting me?

Maybe the doll had been hinting about my powers.

I did not think I would ever know. But if it meant helping the doll to get information on me, I was all for it.

I am sorry if I hurt anyone.

I am so sorry.


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