3 questions repost!!!

:P tank u 4 seeing dis :3

Chapter 1


1.if you had the doctors psychic paper for 1 day , what would you do with it?

i would break into the janitors office to see what he had taken from my friends then take it all and hide it in my stash! :3

2.Quick! The last thing you googled is in your kitchen, what did you last google?

I googled Yuno Gasai killing gifs on tumblr! I keep them on the big screen that hardly works... :3

3.Lets play a game! its called the infamous ' Walmart game' . in this game, you can only buy 3 items. what 3 items would you buy to freak out the cashier the most?

No probs i did dis be4!!

*A large knife
*Some strong rope
*A box of thin rubber gloves

Then i would say to him "Got a stepladder? It's gotta be quite weak... One kick should knock it over."



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