Love at First Flight ( Romantic )

This is my very first try at a Romantic, so hope you fall in love with it! For Alexis's story contest. Parts of this story are actually true from my personal experiences of flying, such as huge delays, the massive snow storms, and more.

Chapter 1

Docking and Departure

Now boarding Class 2, Business class, Now boarding Class 2. Business class. " A voice rang out from the speakers overhead. I took my out my ear buds and stuffed them into my coat pocket as I rushed to get in the line lugging my compacted mini suitcase behind me. As I waited to get in line I watched the TV above, they were doing a story on a massive snow storm heading our way.

" Massive snow storm heading toward Philadelphia, PA. Various towns have already been left in ruins over the trail of the storm. " The meteorologist said as pictures of wreckage popped up on the screen. Homes torn apart, lamp posts leaning over the roads, electric wires lay shocked on the ground from the damage. " For all you people that are flying out today, I wouldn't expect a take off. Now back to Barb-- "

I turned away from the TV and showed the woman waiting near the door my ticket, she scanned it and let me pass through the long tunnel that connected to the plane. I was greeted with a cheery smile by the flight attendants even though it was 3 in the morning. Maneuvering through the aisles I carefully made my way to my seat trying not to bump into anyone, especially not the grumpies.

" ...15A and B... 16A and B... 17A and B... 18A! " I said to myself as I found my seat. After managing to cram my suitcase on the over head compartments I finally took to my seat and slid open the window shade. I watched as the bagging boys tossed the suitcases and other bags into the plane under the coverage of the early morning darkness.

After looking at my reflection in the window I attempted to fix up my scarf and hair, made it look at tad better, but not much. I took out a small compact for make-up with a mirror, looking back at me was the same "cheery" face of an under slept college graduate. Oh well, still I looked pretty good for 3 A.M.

" Hey, haven't I met you somewhere? " A voice asked nearby, turning my gaze from the window I found that the seat next to me had been filled. A young man about my age, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, padded leather jacket, and a gray beanie sat next to me looking about as tired as I was.

" Yes actually, I think I saw you at the coffee shop near the docking! Weren't you the one that spilled your decaf everywhere and the employee got all mad at you cause she couldn't find the mop and had to clean it with paper towels? " I replied surprised and giggled remembering his embarrassed face looking over at the employee.

He gave a light laugh and threw a smile, " Yea that was me.... 2 a.m. wake up call. It was so-- "

" Now departing Philadelphia airport to destination - Paris, France. Approximate time, 8 hours. Shortly there will be showing a small flight safety video then on with the departure! " The voice of a flight attendant came on over the speakers. Soon enough the safety video appeared on the screening, no body really paid any attention too it, me and my plane partner gave each other grins and sarcastic comments as the video rolled on.

After the video ended the attendants walked to the back to strap on their seat belts and we started in motion. After what seemed to be hours of waiting in the line of planes scheduled for the runway and getting the "ok" from the control team, we were up in the air and flying steady.

" We will come around with the beverages cart soon. " The attendant said over the speakers.

" As I was saying, It was so embarrassing because everyone was staring at me!! " He exclaimed turning to me, " I even saw the attendants waiting to board giggle. "

" Hey, at least it was on the floor and not some place else. " I said thinking of other places it could have spilled.

" Yea, that would have been horrible," He laughed, " Ya' know, I didn't even catch your name. "

" Would you like a beverage?" An attendant asked, receiving " Hot chocolate and a Pepsi. " in reply. She quickly made up the drinks and began to hand them to us with napkins and straws.

" Hannah, I'm from Pittsburgh." I replied taking the hot chocolate into my hands, " Didn't know if you could tell by the slight accent. "

" Oh no, nah I couldn't tell. I've been around all of people from different countries and all with different languages. I'm Jason by the way. "

" Really? What do you do? " I asked curiously ,shifting in the seat to face moreover on him.

" I used to be a lawyer in training, but I dropped out when I found that I could be an explorer just as well. This is my 3rd time going to Paris. "

" Really? Lucky. I wish I could travel the world. "

" You can, I've actually been looking for someone to accommodate me in my adventures! If... if your interested in that anyway. "

" I don't think I could, I'm more interested in finding my match, I had a bad break up with the man I thought was "the one". I don't think I'll find him any time soon though" I said with a sigh.

" You never know, it is the City of Love after all. " He said as he took a slow sip his drink and winked.

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