Humanity: Peace vs Destruction

Hi everyone, this story is for Alexis's story contest, for topic 2, and I hope you all enjoy it!
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PS: Lauren and her family live in was used to be Orlando, Miami.

Chapter 1

The First Morning Of My New Life.

Light broke through the clouds, the sun shone low in the sky, moving its way up, up, up, and away... I stared at the beauty, completely under its spell. The air had been still, but now, a very gentle breeze swayed my long dark hair, and I breathed in the sweet smell of berries. I reached out to the right side of me, my fingertips touching the water and I brought them to my cheek; the cool, calm, refreshing liquid gave my skin a soothing touch.

After ten years of being in a prison, coming back to your home is shocking, exciting, and indisputably... ''strange''. I had been nine years old when my family and I had been captured, because my parents were rebels against the government. All of the rebels fought dearly, but they lost, alas, they were no match for the government. Their weapons and secrets and trickery... it was all too strong. They separated me from my sister and brother, and of course, my parents. Our old government was kind, resourceful, but most of all, fair. Sadly, this other community came from whereabouts, and overthrew them. Of course they didn't want to surrender, but they were wise to do so. We all would have been slaughtered if they hadn't.

Perhaps the worst part of these new rulers, was that they were ignorant. They thought it was a good idea to announce war over other much powerful territories, and to punish anyone for simply disagreeing with any of their decisions. Black people were imprisoned, and even though some were rescued, they weren't given proper needs. Oddly though, this wasn't the usual scandal of white people hating the black. It was the ''tan skin-toned'' people hating the whites and blacks. Their statement was that they needed a '' balance. ''

Ridiculous, absurd, stupid, unfair, illogical, and ''racist''. My family was a mixture between white and tan, so we were treated... well better than full whites or blacks. I also thought technology had been a real unnecessary problem. We didn't have it anymore, or so that was what the government said. As if we could trust those imbeciles. But with all that unique and useful power, that was how the enemy became unstoppable. After the war none of that was left... for us at least.

Thinking of that gave me a headache, but it would be amazing to create a solution. One that didn't involve pain, bloodshed, and my death.
Ha, impossible.
That wasn't ''just'' being cynical and stubborn and negative, it was also being realistic, wise, and thoughtful! I decided to give myself some time of relaxation, and stretched my arms above my head, sighed to myself, and closed my eyes. My home was built solely of wood, nails, little brick, and some string, ( yes, but very thick string ). And for our outside plan there was a tiny beach. Basically sand with some tad pools and a few miniature rivers. We even had a lake, but supposedly it wasn't ''our'' property. We could swim in it, but we had to pay. Oh, those irritating bastards!

I dug my nails into my palm, as a reminder to not think about those un- ''them''. I lay there peacefully for awhile, humming softly to myself, and munching on delicious fresh berries. I rubbed water on my arms and face, cooling myself off. I was just thinking about getting up and greeting my family in a sane manner, unlike last night... I cringed, just remembering my exchanged words with my family. But I had just been so terrified, and I hadn't seen them for ''ten years''... Even so, I had been horribly rude. My sister was the last person I snapped at, and we had almost not gotten into a fight. But I just had to explode.

'' Lauren?! '' came a slightly confused voice. I jumped up, not recognizing the voice. I whipped my head around, and saw my younger sister, Rachel. My throat clammed up, and I was speechless. She looked concerned, and then I realized she had been calling my name for some time. I stuttered a bit, and cursed under my breath, annoyed. She snickered without humor, her concern gone.

'' Right... '' her voice trailed off, and she smiled slightly, again, but only with her lips. '' There's food in the house, unless you want to starve. You don't have to live on wild berries, '' she informed me with mockery. My eyes narrowed and I snickered bitterly.
'' Thanks, but they're not poisoned, '' I replied, flashing her an obvious fake smile and blinking my eyes innocently.
'' How do you know? '' she asked, and with one last smile she was gone. I hissed out a curse and punched my fist into the sand.


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