Sleepover trauma

We'd always wanted a sleepover since forever and now we finally got one.

Chapter 1


It was final. Megan and I were too have a twin sleepover on Saturday next week. 6 guests total which mean't we'd all have lots of fun. We were so excited we ran up stairs to plan everything. You may think it's sad that me and my twin sister were 16 and this was our first sleepover but we'd travlled alot with our mum for her work but 5 months ago we settled down when mum found her boyfriend and now fiance. So in those 5 months we'd made lots of friends and they'd all had sleepovers and partys and we hadn't so we finally persuaded mum too let us. Megan wrote on a peice of paper: guestlist Millie's and Megan's. We scribbled down the names of our 6 closest friends including my boyfriend Jake and Megan's boyfriend Roger. This was going to be great.


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