Happy New Year, guys! Is anyone here a SINGER that is on right now and is able to sing a silly jingle? It's for my Science project!

I know I haven't been the brightest or kindest tomato in the bunch, but please help me! I'm desperate over here.

Chapter 1

Hi Everyone

This project is worth a huge amount for this subject. And SciTech is really difficult because I'm barely even passing! I passed the long test, but I don't think passing one long test and failing more than half of the quizzes is going to be worth anything.

My teacher is going to pick one contestant from the class, and she's going to send the jingle to Singapore, for the Science Expo (if I'm correct),from every section in hopes of our school finally having the limelight in the eyes of the government. Or something less dramatic than that...

I borrowed (not borrowed really but please let me use this term for once) the tune of Ed Sheeran's version of Be My Husband - the chronological order of the lyrics - and if you're a singer who can keep up a tune or just love singing the hell out of anything, please help me!

I'm really desperate it's saturday at 7:26PM and i have to pass this on monday when school starts and i can't afford not to pass this project but i can't sing i can't even try to sing i'm tone deaf and please please help me!

I'll message you the lyrics I somehow managed to write if you're up for it. Please just this once I really need this and I'm probably going to love you forever if you sing this and record it somehow and I'll make it up to you somehow! I promise. Just tell me what it is and I'll do my best to do it please!


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