Shout Outs!

Now that we have entered 2014 I thought that I would do a shout out to the people who have been with me all throughout 2013.

Chapter 1

Drum roll Here we go!!!


Welp, Courtney, you and I have definitely been there for each other this year! You are awesome m'dear and you are talented and special individual!!! I hope that you can get on more because I miss writing with you and talking to you.


Delila...all I can say is that you need to get back on. Because I miss your beautiful personality. You were always able to make me smile when I was having a bad day....and I miss that! Please come back!!!!


MARCO!!!! You are awesome my friend, much to talented for your own good and extremely imaginative. You will definitely go places with your talent. Soooo....yeah....and Mr. Dino scares me!


We have written an awesome story my friend! And it is very promising!! I'm sorry about my long break because that was totally unfair to you, but thank you for staying on me about it and making sure that I got it done. Also, you are one mega super awesome person and I'm so glad that I'm your friend!!


Amber!!! Well, what to say about you? There are so many things, you are a simply beautiful individual and you are a skilled writer. I'm so happy that Quibblo gave us a chance to get to know each other. I'm sorry we haven't really been able to chat much, but I hope that I'll be able to talk with you more.


Izzy, you are a wonderful writer, you imagine the most fantastic things and I hope that we can chat more soon!


We have not talked in such a long time. But you were one of my first Quibblo friends and I will never forget that. Thanks for being you!!


My dear, you are so sweet and kind and you are always there to listen and sympathize thank you so much for that!!! Never change!


You are beautiful and unique! Don't stop being you and always do what feels right in your heart!!


I love hearing from you and talking with you, you have such strong ideals and you aren't afraid to be yourself which is marvelous!!! I love reading the things that you write!!!

So these are some of the amazing people on my top friends list! If you are not friends with these peoples....what are you waiting for?! Get to it! Thanks for being there for me guys!!!


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