A Mike "The Miz" Mizanin/Stuart Alexander Bennett (Wade Barrett)/WWE Love Story

Please remember this is fiction

Chapter 1


Name: Angel Hart
Age: 32
Best Friend(s): Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson (Natayla Neidhart or Nattie), Paula Jean Cena, April Jeanette Mendez (AJ Lee), Theodore James "T.J." Wilson (Tyson Kidd) & Phillip Jack Brooks (CM Punk)
More Than a Best Friend: John Cena (like a big brother) & Cody Garrett Runnels (Cody Rhodes) on again/off again Lover
Love Interest: Michael Gregory "Mike" Mizanin (The Miz)
(Ex) Boyfriend: Randall Keith Orton
(Ex) Husband: Shane Brandon McMahon
(Ex) Fiancee: Josh Matthew Lomberger (Josh Matthews)
Family: Bret Hart (Father) Julie Smadu (mother), Jade Michelle Hart (born March 31, 1983); Dallas Jeffery Hart (born August 11, 1984); Alexandra Sabina Hart (born May 17, 1988), nicknamed "Beans"; and Blade Colton Hart (born June 5, 1990). (Younger siblings), Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson, Teddy Hart, David Hart Smith aka Henry Hart, Jennifer Neidhart, Oje Edward Hart, Kristen Culbreth (nee Neidhart), Athena Hat, Bruce Hart Jr, Brit Hart, Rhett Hart, Tory Hart, Lara Hart, Davis Gene Hart, Matt Annis, Annie Annis, Angela Annie, Lindsay B Hart & Brooke B Hart & Georgia Smith (First Cousins), Stephanie Washington (step mom number 2), Cinzia Rota (first step mom), Kyra Beans (born June 2010) (Jade's daughter/Niece), Bradley Annis (Nephew), the Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, and Jim Neidhart (uncles by marriage), Stu Hart (Grandfather), Helen Hart (Grandmother), Smith Stewart (born 1949), retired professional wrestler, Bruce Dennis Luis (born 1950), retired professional wrestler, Keith William (born 1952), retired professional wrestler, Wayne Curtis Michael (born 1953), professional wrestling referee, Dean Harry Anthony (1954–1990), professional wrestler (uncles), Ellie (born 1955), married the wrestler Jim Neidhart, mother of Natalya Neidhart, Georgia (born 1956), married the wrestler B.J. Annis. mother of Teddy Hart, Allison (born 1959), married to wrestler Ben Bassarab (Aunts) Ross (born 1961), professional wrestler and wrestling promoter (uncle), Diana Joyce (born 1963), former wife of Davey Boy Smith (The British Bulldog), mother of David Hart Smith (favorite Aunt) & Owen James (1965–1999), professional wrestler (Favorite uncle)
From: Calgary Alberta, Canada

Name: Paula Jean Cena
Best Friend(s): Angel Hart, Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson, John Cena & Stuart Bennett
More then a best friend: Adam Joseph Copeland(Even though it's her ex they still are extremely close), Phil Brooks(Best friend since he became know to the WWE and was there when he went through his cancer process)
Love Interest: Stuart Alexander Bennett (Wade Barrett)
(Ex) Fiancé: Adam Joseph Copeland
Family:Carol Cena(Mom), John Cena Sr.(Father), Dan Cena(Brother), John Felix Anthony Cena(Brother), Matt Cena(Brother), Steve Cena(Brother), Sean Cena(Brother)

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