His and Hers

What you are about to read is completely unedited. Enjoy! :P

Chapter 1

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a boy, and there was a girl. That boy loved the girl. Despite her many trust issues, she grew to love him too, and he made her happy.

One day, a very strong wind blew, and the boy was blown away from her arms. He fell on the other side of the wall that protected them from the outside world. The girl stayed at the foot of her side of the wall, and she prayed everyday for her love to be blown back to her. The boy would sit at the foot of his side of the wall and listen to the girl's voice everyday.

The girl's parents grew tired of watching their daughter crying at the wall. They tried to drag her off, but she resisted.

The boy could hear the girl's cries from his side of the wall. He could hear her voice growing weaker and weaker, so he desperately tried to climb the wall to be reunited with the love of his life.

For days, he went through the pain of climbing the great wall. By the time he managed to reach the top, he realised that he had cuts all over him, but he couldn't feel the pain. All that mattered to him was to be reunited with the girl. His girl.

The girl had chained herself to the wall so that her parents could never separate her from the boy. She had become weak, and her voice could barely escape her throat. Tears fell from her eyes when she spotted the boy walking towards her.

The boy fell to the ground before he could get to her. The cuts had weakened him too much. They had become too much for him to bear. The girl's heart broke inside her. She felt it shatter into a million pieces as she watched the boy's eyes close forever.

She too had become weak, and she knew there was no way they could ever be together again.

The pain of having her heart broken was becoming too much for her to bear. She cried for many days and many nights, but nothing could take away the hurting inside her. Finally, exhausted from fighting the pain, she gave up.

She closed her eyes.


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