When in Rome (Original Group Story)

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Chapter 1

Callista Aurelius

"There's been another breach."
"We think so. Signs like long claw marks and tail-sweeping markings in the dirt."
"Goddamn those scaly demons."
I feel as if I should speak up about the subject, but I wouldn't have much too say. I simply sit on the sandy ground around the fire sharpening Loremonium, my wickedly sharp gladius. I actually have a lot to say on the topic of dragons, but there isn't much I could say.
I may be a warrior, but I'm still a woman. So I shouldn't speak up much.
But really, I think it's ridiculous. Dragons. They exist, of course, but what the hell. I don't understand how the beliefs started, really, that they where evil.
"Magnificent job again on slaying the largest dragon, Gurgintius." One of the dumber guys say.
Gurgintius smiles proudly. "It put up quite a fight, the great load."
I roll my eyes. Everyone sees Gurgintius as a brave soldier who destroyed the largest and probably the ruler of the dragons, but I see him as the one who birthed the fables about dragons being evil. We've gotten a lot of attacks since then.
"Callista, do you have something to say on the matter?" Gurgintius sniffs, his stiff blond hair bristling.
I look up, to find many of the Romans staring at me with interest. They must have heard me scoff or something. "Of course not." I sniff.
"Surely you do." Someone else pipes up.
"Of course you have something to say on how amazing I fought." Gurgintius says loudly.
I snap my head up, now focused on the question at hand. "These dragons wouldn't be attacking us if it weren't for thy, Gurgintius." I say sharply.
His eyes widen, and he sneers. "It had to happen. The dragons are large and strong and dangerous, but we are too. I was brave enough to kill one."
"Say what you please, Gurgintius, but you awoke the wrath of the dragons, and if anything is to happen you are too blame." I say coolly, and ignoring the snorts and snarls from the other warriors I return to the camp. Bonfires are nice, but I ate what I wanted of the cow we stole from a close village, and I don't want to stick around for some sort of yelling or annoyance for being 'disrespectful to a higher ranking soldier'.
I snort to myself and go into the centurion with my bed mat in it. I simply sit down on the bedroll and look at my face in the shine of my blade. I've been told I'm beautiful hundreds of times by the other soldiers, but I don't really take much notice to it. They're all idiots, that's one thing that will never change.
I sigh, moving my face slightly so that a lock of my curled caramel hair goes behind my ear. I don't know when this dumb feud about the dragons will be over, because I miss my little town in Italy. I want to return, and see my family.
I remember it clearly.

I was playing with my 3 year old sisters, Fausta and Flavia, while my mother nursed my newest little brother, Septimius. My sisters are playful, cute little girls. They go with anything, since they know to take what they can get. We're not exactly poor, but we're commoners, and being common means you get what would be the scraps of the cart but never the entire thing.
Then suddenly the door was roughly swung open, with two Roman soldiers standing in the door frame.
My mother hugged her baby tightly, as if she thought a soldier would take him. I don't blame her. I wouldn't put it past those soldiers.
"We are to take the firstborn child in every home." One of them said slowly.
"What!? Why!?" My mother demanded, now pulling me close to her.
"As an honorable sacrifice to the dragons." The other said.
I blinked. I couldn't speak. I'm going to be fed to a dragon.
"No!" Fausta and Flavia screeched, wrapping themselves around my ankles. My mouth has gone dry and there's nothing I could say, except push my little sisters off of me and try to tell them with my eyes that it will be okay.
I can't be sure of that, though. My mother now has three children to take care of, and one more on the way. I was a crucial part to the family, and now I'll be dead.
They took me by the arms, as if I would try to run, and took to the edge of the forest. I noticed only two other girls there, a short one with light blonde hair and a taller one with hair nearly the same caramel color as my own.
When one of them turned their back, I took a gladius from his belt and hid it in the folds of my toga until they had gone.
"What are you doing?" The short one whispered to me.
"Saving our lives." I said flatly.
When the guards had gone, a dragon appeared. It was large and dark green and looked a lot less scary then I thought. It opened it's mouth, revealing large teeth, and long wings. It charges, and I lose most of my fear, but still just see it as a large lizard. I slashed at it and it seemed genuinely surprised, so it was down pretty soon. I don't think it was dead, but the guards suddenly appeared behind bushes and took me off somewhere. I didn't ask questions, I just knew I would get punished. Turns out they where bringing me here.

I sigh, and roll over on my bed mat. It's late, but I'm nearly the only one here.
I might as well sleep, but I feel like I wouldn't be able to.
People start filling it, talking and being loud while people like me try to sleep.
It's a wonder I haven't been molested yet. I think, with a sigh in my mind.
Yet I fall asleep.

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