Before i was me

This is slightly more 'real' than i usually do guys... but ive tried to make it work! ^-^

Chapter 3

Just a bottle

I went for a walk as i sometimes do. In a long scarf and over coat in the blistering sun. I decided not to bring a drink so i could learn to withstand heat as well as the cold... By the time i had circled the park once i was on my knees, crawling to the edge of the trees and onto the pavement.

Thats when HE came.

I kneeled there, holding back to urge to take away my covering clothes and run to the house for water. He came to me, touched my shoulder, and smiled. No one had ever seen me and helped; everyone knew me, and everyone was scared.
"Hello crazy," he grinned. I never forgot these first words to me. Cruelly worded... yet kindly spoken.
"H-h... hi." I whimpered. He bent down beside me and handed me a bottle of water. I shook my head intently. "I need to be strong." My legs shook beneath me and the ground burned at my palms.
"You wish to die?" He snorted. "You wont last long like this!" I stared. No one had ever even mentioned my wellfare whilst i did these things...
"I've been through much worse," He tilted his head.
"I see that." He motioned towards my legs and arms; scarred with cuts, burns, bruises and wounds of other kinds. I blushed and frowned.
"Go away."

And i left.

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