Before i was me

This is slightly more 'real' than i usually do guys... but ive tried to make it work! ^-^

Chapter 2


I always ran. not pysically but mentally. Barriers would appear in my mind and block all light. I needed to find a door, even a window would do. A crack in the wall, a chip in the paint. Anything. I felt like a lost ship, sailing through the unparting mist into another world. No captain or crew to protect me. I was a ghost in the residing darkness.


I stood in the snow bare foot, aware of the sharp stabbing pain in my sole and sighed. Each breath rattled in it's place. Passers by would stare with wide eyes, as if they wanted to help... but they were scared. My legs were shredded and burned. My arms bled like lava from a great volcano. Yet i stayed there until my life began retreating, then, and only then, did i return to the house. My lips blue and frosted, unable to feel my limbs where they sat.
The doctor told my parents it was a phase, yet seeing their distress agreed to keep an eye on me. He took me to get treatment, pills and therapy. Nothing more than i expected. "All i want is to be different, and this is what happens. I need to be strong for adventures! The weak cannot do what the strong understand as an art." I told him, my expression as indifferent as an ice pick. He would sigh and send me away once more. My parents were told to keep an eye on me until they managed to help. They were always trying, not my parents but the doctor, like a lemming learning to swim they continued trying; yet knew nothing would work.

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