Before i was me

This is slightly more 'real' than i usually do guys... but ive tried to make it work! ^-^

Chapter 1


Normality; a dull, dry word filled with lies and boredom. I see myself as a being against such a thing; probably why all my friends left me... ever since i was just a toddler life had been so natural. People around me laughing, playing games. They all wanted to live a normal life, do normal things. That wasn't me. I felt like a bird with no wings, a fish with no fins... and it scared me. I didnt want to just grow old and die, a boring old woman without a scrap of adventure left within my withering soul. I would spend hours just standing there in the rain. Sometimes i would wear nothing but a pair of shorts and a shirt. I needed to be tough. I would whisper this over and over as my lips turned blue and my already pale skin white. I stayed out in the frost until i couldnt feel my fingers or toes. Sometimes i would even go as far until the doctor had to come... Soon my mother and father had had enough. They sent me to a mental ward. Self harm was taking over me, becoming an addiction. I cut, I burned, I even mentally scarred myself. Killing my best friend, a little hamster named Pip. All that just so i could become different. My family hated me. My friends hated me. And it was just because i wanted to be someone... not to be... NORMAL.

Im a ghost.


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