Holidays Just Aren't For Me (Original Song)

Chapter 1


On New Years Day,
I Lose My Favorite Game To The New Year.
On Groundhogs Day,
The Beavers Look For My Attention.
On Valentines Day Oh Yes...My Love!
You Broke My Heart.

On St. Patricks Day,
Luck Goes Down The Drain and I Break My a-a-a-arm.
On Mothers Day,
My Mother Seems To Get In a Fight With Me.
On Flag Day---Which Also Seems To Be My Birthday!
I Get No Presents, Just as If I Were a Peasant. Please Sa-a-ave Me.

Independence Day,
I'm Stuck In England With No Fireworks.
On The First Day of School,
I'm not All That Cool. I'm The Girl With The Big Scare On Her Le-e-eg.
On Columbus Day,
I'm In France...So No Chance For Me!

I Lost My Candy!
Sittin' at the Kiddie table!
And Hannukah. They Don't Even Care.
A Pair Of Boots Led To Despair.

Ho Ho Ho! The Last Holiday of The Year!
I'm Left With No Christmas Cheer.

Now I'm here....oh Yes. I've been in sadness since then.
I Realize When They Say, 'Appreciate'
The Only Word I can think of is HATE!

It's not that I'm right.
It's not that I'm wrong.
I'd rather find a place in this world then never belooooong.

So Please Believe Me!
Holidays Just Aren't For Me.

So Please, Can I Get a Bow Next Year?
On New Years Day, I'll Wear a Hat That Says, Thank You, Thank You, Thank Youuuu.

I Won't Be Alone.
You Promise You'll be there for me?

When I'm Crying at the edge of my bed with a 50 year old TV....

You Gotta Save Me!
You Gotta Help Me!
Next Year I'll Be Dead.

Holidays Just Aren't For Me.


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