Repost about myself

Chapter 1

this is it

by: Turnader
This or That
Morning person or night owl?: Night owl
Romance or horror?: Horror
Summer or winter?: Summer I hate Winter SOOO MUCH!
Fruit or vegetables?: Fruit
Pencil or pen?: Pencil
Odd or even numbers?: Even
Birthday or Christmas?: does it matter? theyre in the same week! id say christmas because i get more stuff and nobody pays attention to me on my birthday because of christmas.
Dog or cat?: Dog
Twilight or Harry Potter?: Harry Potter
Blonde or Brunette?: Blonde
Coke or Pepsi?: Neither i dont drink soda
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
Left or Right?: Right
Rain or sun?: Sun i love the sun!

Would you Rather...
Be blind or be deaf?: I’d rather be blind. i cannot live without my music!
Sing or dance?: Sing
Die or kiss Justin Bieber?: Kiss JB
Not be able to eat or not be able to drink?: Not being able to eat
Be stupid or ugly?: Stupid
Be married and have no kids or have no kids and be married?: Same thing
Get your head chopped off or get shot multiple times in the head?: getting shot
Watch Elmo or watch Dora?: Elmo
Murder or be murdered?: be murdered
Lose your friends or lose your family?: neither

Random Questions!
What is your favorite color?: Purple
How many siblings do you have?: 1 brother
When's your birthday?: December 20
What was your best ever Halloween costume?: Myself
Who was your first celebrity crush?: JGL
Who's your current celebrity crush?: Anton Zaslavski (Zedd)
Do you smile or frown more?: 50-50
How hungry are you right now?: Very i just woke up and havent had breakfast yet
How often do you brush your teeth?: 2 times a day
What's your favorite movie?: The Town
Do you like total randomness?: Depends
Do you like One Direction?: no!
Do you like Taylor Swift?: No!
What was the best Christmas present you ever got?: The headphones I'm wearing now and DATSIK TICKETS!
What are you doing at this moment?: Listening to the Phantom by Muzzy
What did you eat today?: nothing
What time was it when you woke up?: 8:30 AM
Do you sing in the shower?: Yes i have a waterproof bluetooth speaker that plays music in the shower so of course. that is if the song has lyrics

Right now you are...
Wearing: A cami and PJ pants
Doing: This repost
Eating: Nothing
Listening to: Destroid 2 Wasteland by Excision, Downlink and Space Laces. Epic!
Watching: nothing
Touching: The keyboard
Smelling: Nothing
Holding: Nothing
Saying: Nothing

List 5 facts about yourself:
1. I love to talk to people (Message me)
2. I hate winter so much and i wanna live in Hawaii
3. I am addicted to my music and would die without it! seriously i cant go long without it
4. im at a friends house
5. i am doing this repost

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