Screams of Blood- Original Story

Is this getting annoying to you? This is a redo of Harts and Gulfs and Harts and Gulfs: Saving a Life, I have gotten a lot more descriptive, so buckled your seat belts!

Chapter 1

Indi Ross

Sitting in cab, crushed between two little brothers, one little sister, your mom and dad? Not your ideal Sunday is it? Well, it isn't for me either, neither is driving across the country to live in New Orleans when I'd rather be in the townhouse in Philadelphia with my friends! Why am I moving to New Orleans? You tell me! My parents wouldn't even tell me! Heck, I doubt they even have jobs yet!
"Shut up, Mitchel!" Said Robert, he pushed Mitchell into me.
"No! Leave me alone!" Mitchell did the same.
That's what you get when you have one eight year old and one eleven year old boy grow up with one thirteen, soon to be fourteen year old and one fifteen year old girl. You get two little boys who fight like girls but act like boys. Ugh, it's complicated. Let's just say that soon enough the cab is filled with yelling, arguing and pushing! My parents were trying to calm everyone down but failed. Finally my mom yelled, "We're here! There it is! Stop fighting and look!"
The cab stopped and the cab driver immediately got out and got out our tag along bags. As soon as he was paid and everything as out of the car he drove off, lucky him I thought.
I pushed away some dirty blonde hair from my face and looked up at the house. It wasn't a row home, it had a large black fence/gate surrounding the perimeter and it had more windows than our old home. My attention when back to the creaky black gate that stood around the majestic house. I watch a lot of ghost shows like The Haunted, A Haunting, Ghost Hunters and ect. and all of the houses with negative activity had black gates like this. No, I won't get the way I was at the old house, ghost, seriously? I mean, the scissors being 'thrown' at Suvannah were probably just a lie, and the beads were just my imagination. The voices were just common everyday machines making noises, blah blah blah!
I walked through the gate and dragged my bag up the steps and into the old house. Inside was very old looking, it had no furniture but there was ugly floral wallpaper everywhere that was tearing, above the door is a hook that was probably meant for some sort of chandelier, the floorboards looked almost new, had some shine to them but they still had a few cracks in them. I walked into one room and flipped the switch on, the light burst and glass shattered everywhere, I groaned, "Dad!" I yelled.
"What was that noise?" He responded, running up the stairs.
"The lightbulb burst."
"Already Indigo? Can you go for one day with out breaking or spilling something?"
"It wasn't my fault dad!"
"I don't care! I don't have any bulbs to fix that with! Or a broom to clean it with!"
"The old lady who lived here should have at least left behind a broom or some bulbs, just please check!"
"No, you need them you look for them."
"Oh come on!"
"Go look for them, Indigo!"
I stomped down stairs and searched for some sort of closet, finally I found a small room that resembled a closet, inside was a few lawn chairs, a first aid kit, and some baskets. Might as well make the best of it, I thought. I grabbed a basket and ran over to my black Swiss backpack that my dad gave me. Inside was my laptop, my kindle, my IPod Nano, and my sketch book. I smiled grabbed it. I ripped out an empty bag and ran up the stairs.
I kneeled down (making sure I didn't kneel on any glass) and put the paper down. I used my hand and made an attempt to lightly brush the glass onto the white sketchbook paper. I began to push the glass onto the the paper when a broken shard cut me with its rugged side. I gasped and tears came to my eyes. I cursed under my breath. I stood up and looked at the cut on my hand, it was deep but not too deep, all I need is some peroxide and a bandage.
I walked downstairs and opened the first aid kit that I didn't put away while looking for a broom and light bulbs. Luckily the kit had peroxide, I put someone my cut and gasped it stung a lot, more tears came, I opened a few bandages and put them along the long cut. I stood up, I didn't care what room I got, I decided to explore outside some.
I walked outside and walked inside the gate. There was a path of stone circles and there was a lot of grass, "You might want to get out of there, there is a Family moving in soon." Said a voice.
I looked up and saw a boy around my age, he had dark brown hair, sparking blue eyes and olive skin, "I hope not, my stuff hasn't even arrived yet!" The boy looked confused, "It's a joke, my family is the family that moved in."
"Oh." I rolled my eyes, "What's your name?"
"Weird name."
"Oh, thanks."
"I'm Damien."
"Are you in highschool?"
"Yeah, tommorow I'm going to go to Monroe."
"Oh, I go there."
"Maybe I'll see you there."
"And as maybe that is a most likely, I heard that it's a small school."
"Well, see you tommorow, I have to go in now, I have to see what room I'm stuck with."
"See you tommorow."
I turned around and pushed light brown hair from my face, I walked inside the house. I was greeted by an angry dad who noticed that I didn't throw away the bandage wrappers. "Sorry dad," I threw them away and walked up to the rooms.

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