Rant on Dressing 'Slutty'

this is a rant so stfu no one lieks you

i dont mean to offend in this so gomenasai in advance

Chapter 1


by: 68687
All these people are saying that girls shouldn't show off their butts or breasts with how they dress. I disagree.

There are many girls who are like 'omg u cant do dat!11!!! it looks to slutty!!11111!!!! ew!!'

You know what? Shut the hell up and let other girls dress how they want. If they have the body, they should be able to flaunt it without being made fun of.

For instance, since I was twelve, I've been able to show off my body. Why? Because I was like anime. When I was twelve I was a double d. Now, yeah I'm bigger. But lemme tell you a thing, I didn't go over the top and look like a prostitute or something. I don't do that. I wear a pair of short shorts and a nice top that shows my cleavage. is that so bad?

Don't insult girls who dress even more 'slutty'. Slut does mean the end in Swedish, after all. You know how stupid and conservative you sound when you say that girls shouldn't show off their body? Who are you to tell other people what to wear and what not to wear? You are damn well rude if you do that.

I say, to all those girls comfortable with doing so, FLAUNT YOUR BODIES IF YOU WISH! Wear a low hanging v-neck, revealing shorts and a pair of sexy heels, you have your body so show if off! Dress in a pair of tight pants and a cut off shirt! Dress in whatever you want, if you think you look good, wear it! If you want to just go out in a bikini top and a pair of short shorts, do it! You are yourself and no one else has the right to tell you what to wear.

If you post a picture of yourself and people are like 'slut' or outside they call you slut or whatever or whenever, break their damn necks and as they bleed to death say 'slut means the end in Swedish, so it's the slut for you'.

All of you judgemental asssholes, go shove a cactus up your anus, because you are a rude piece of crap if you say that girls shouldn't dress like sluts because it's embarrassing to the female population. You know who is embarrassing to the female population? YOU, you judgemental arseloch!

Show off your tits, and if anyone says omg u kant do dat ur g0nna get rped, tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine because it shouldn't matter what you wear to get rape, r*ape is bad either war, regardless of what you wear, arselochs.

Alea out

im so fresh you can suck my nuts


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