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A WWE/Spirit Squad Love Story

Chapter 1


by: Kayla_M
Name: Gina Matthews
Nickname: Gin
Age: 23 turning 24
Best Friend(s): John Cena, Jojo, Mitch, Shane Mcmahon, Paul Levesque, Cody Rhodes Mike "the Miz" Mizanin, John Morrison, Randy Orton, The Undertaker & Tazz
Crush: Brock Lesner
Love interest: Nicholas Cole "Nick" Mitchell aka Mitch
Job: works closely with the McMahons mostly Shane

Name: Jolie Lesnar
Nickname: Jojo
Age: 23
Best friend(s): Your character, Spirit Squad(Too lazy to type their names), Chris 'Jericho'(He returned in 07 if I remember correctly), Adam Copeland 'Edge'
Crush: Adam Copeland 'Edge'
Love:Kenny Dykstra
Job: Mostly manager, but does wrestle every now and then.

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