Bathroom Chills.

Chapter 1


Just thought I'd finish up a few poems I started writing but never finished xxx

Knees weak,
Lips quivering,
Heart fast,
And body shivering.

Head bent,
Throat of cement,
I begin,
The hellish descent.

Nightmares eat me,
Words defeat me,
How long will I have to live?

Kiss me now,
Kiss me always,
Run and kiss me,
Through the hallways.

You were dreaming,
I was screaming,
Fantasise my every hit.
You were crying,
I was dying,
Running out of precious spit.

It's not working,
It's not fúcking working.
Alas, I failed again.
All I ever do is gag.
And now my lips begin to sag.

And then my heart with sorrow fills,
And curls up with those bathroom chills.

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