Autum Leaves

Life is a bore. The books are the only things to keep me awake... all i want is an adventure. something to light up my dulled eyes and misted mind.

Looks like im about to get it.

Chapter 1

Beyond the Dawn

I wish i could fly. the world like a tiny bustling nest beneath me... The clouds swirling around me as i came through the freckled nights and the azure days. All i want is adventure. Love is far, hate is lost. my life is a bore... all i need is the wind in my hair and the sun on my back. Planes where nothing. When i had explained my lust to family or friends... They would go on about private jets and such things. it sucked. it was so boring...
I lifted my hand to my head and cocked it to an odd angle, scratching the bite behind my ear. i sat at my desk with a pencil and paper. so far my walls were littered with sketches of stars and planets. The clouds, birds, angels. I loved to draw; yet... so boring. I sighed and got to my feet. what was i to do? such a strict family. so against the love i hold.
I glanced at the clock and sighed. 2am. Wasted sleep, wasted dreams. when i woke it would be... boring. i knew this. then again, everything was boring. With a sigh i clambered to my bed and curled beneath my covers; willing the world to close over around me. The rain clattered on the guttering and rushed to ground level once more. even water can fly. why cant i? so boring...
Sleep finally dawned apon me and i let the everlasting boredom leak from my mind and be replaced with dreams. Dreams of the sky... the birds... the clouds... the sun... morning. and i woke to bordom. bordom. bordom. i have metioned such a thing too many times... because thats all my life was. it was so so so... boring. Yet i know this is a waste of your time. hearing me moan and prattle about nonsence. about what i hate. so let us begin. let us become who i am.

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