The Monster in my Head

This is about the monster that's inside. It destroys us like it has done to others. But in the end... We must not let it have another win.

Thank you Natalie with help for the title ;)

Chapter 1


Those dark, cold nights
I lie alone to my monster
Thinking of all I have done wrong
But never finding an answer.

This monster inside
Is one that I fight to control
And here and there it shows himself
With a new story that has to be told.

He runs around and around in my mind
Repeating phrases that I had said
Because the monster doesn't want me to forget
That my words are ones that make the living dead.

The being then traps me in a never ending labyrinth
Full of different obstacles and tasks
To let everyone know
It's impossible to show his many masks.

I run each corner of the maze
Trying to find my way out
Before the monster fully takes over
In hope to increase the world's doubt.

I finally find the very end
And take control over the creature again,
But the battle is still there inside me
For the monster struggles, reminding me of the pain.

So I try and do the right thing then
By limiting any hurtful phrases,
But somehow the monster finds its way back
And always laughs at my attempt to mend his crazes.

He repeats a past story in my head
Telling me that I can't defeat him
Not now or ever
Because it's him that crawls inside my own skin.

I tell him that he is not right
But he laughs at my attempt to be strong
Reminding me how I'm a foolish girl
Who is just another person that is wrong.

This monster has done this many times before
And has already burnt in hell with demons
Only to come back and live again
Among the angels for destructive reasons.

He never fails to remind me of that truth
Saying I can't do anything to stop the war,
I may be able to win a small fight
But in the end, I'll just die with a scar.

However, we must not let him win.


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