Rant On Popularity

Chapter 1

Read the Disclaimer First

Disclaimer: This is not a rant on popular people, a "how to be popular in life or Quibblo" story, and will most likely be insensitive. Read at your own risk and if your feelings are hurt- sucks for you. There will most likely be cussing- get over it. Also I am in full on btch mode. You have been warned.

Now, I have been seeing this a lot on here- who is popular on Quibblo?- Why are they popular?- How can I be popular?- Why are these people popular and not I?- Why doesn't my work get more recognition?

Because that's life. Sorry.

We all have different talents, and we all suck at different things. Seriously- if you value your kitchens mental state don't ever allow me to attempt to cook. However I would say I am pretty good at debating. I don't argue like an uncivilized being, I debate logically and passionately. I am also pretty charismatic so I can convince people with that if logic fails. I will never be a cook famous or otherwise. However if I went into law or politics I would say I would be pretty successful.

So I am sorry to crush your dreams- but this is a site for writing and quiz making. The better quiz makers and writers will- and I repeat will- get more f-ing recognition that you will if you don't even have the fundamentals of writing down, such as capitalizing "I" and not having the language composition of a two year old. If you have creative ideas and you can execute them somewhat decently- yeah welcome to being popular or well-known for your stories and quizzes. If you don't- sorry. That really sucks for you.

Also tons of the popular people on Quibblo (i.e. Linde, Clase_de_2013, LessCrim, ihateVEGTABLES, Nera) don't start snit. (We know about Esther- but more people dislike and are annoyed by her than you know. Also she is the anomaly.) Spamming us to death about whatever won't make you popular. Sorry (you should realize that I am not at all sorry by now). Also they don't try to be f-ing popular. They just are. You either have it or you don't. They are all pretty nice, sociable (excluding Clase_de_2013 with sociable really), friendly individuals. They also have something special. Whether it is the kind helpfulness and constructive criticism, wit, charm, talent, or overall aura or presence- they have a spark. Not everybody has that. Sorry. Goes with talent too. I have watched dancers both equally talented but one had a certain presence or quality that made me want to have more and watch them more.

Also these people are considerate of others and respect others and opinions! You don't have to f-ing like the person just accept that they are your fellow human and be civil! Also the popular Quibblo people don't try to be something they aren't- they are themselves. And they are mature- a mind-blowing concept to 91.32% of the general Quibblo population. They help out others with constructive criticism, most of them are humble. You generally like them when you get to know them (Linde, as it turns out is not the fire breathing monster I imagined her to be. Who knew?). Oh and before you say "that's because they are popular" you should know I care very little to none on material things and status. I care more about things like your character and how you treat others.

Stop worrying about popularity and the number of friends you have. I don't want to just be a number on a friends list- I don't think most people do. I want to have friends that mean something. I am not the only one who is sick of these snity popularity questions. As insensitive as it sounds, I repeat, you either have it or you don't.

I am sorry to post this so close to the holidays, but it has been bothering me. Merry Christmas/Kwanza/Yule/Late Hannakah/Whatever Holiday You Celebrate.


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