I like to go here in my sleep. first time writing about it though. I actually have a friend called Samantha but the last name is made up. She is in here so i can maybe make people aware of her suffering... she is my best friend and i am terrified she will commit suicide. i put her in the story to add a bit of magic to her life. cheer up sam.

Chapter 1

Loss before losing

-Joe? Are you there? You havent been online for weeks on end...

The message stalled before sending, even with perfect internet. I had known him for so long, then he had suddenly dissapeared. Away for months... finally he had returned. I had been at joy for the first while; yet my suspicions grew as time passed.

-Joe? Youre scaring me. Where have you been?

The world was slurred and seemed lifting a heavy weight as the clock ticked onwards.


Finally. I almost jumped for joy... yet the message was short, and simple. As if he was rushed.

-I am outside your window. Listen for three taps.

I stared. Quite harassed by the messages... I hardly knew him in the real world. He lived far away in america, why was he here. Was the love of my life a rapist? A pedophile?

-Joe, whats going on.

A sudden thud at my window caused me to jump. My mind immediately began whirring and clicking. Ever since I was a child, I had a rare mental disorder. The name was lost in my limited memory for the time; yet I knew the affects. It made my own thoughts, imagination lose themselves. I am suddenly caught in my own wonder. The world around me becomes unreal... I am delirious and fazed by the snap in my mind.

-Open the window. Let me in. I have much to tell you.

I giggled. Feeling my thoughts crumble. I knew I would, against my screaming concience.

-Of course.

I wandered to the curtains and clenched each corner in burning hands. Scarlet flared my face and I took a deep breath. Seemingly I wasnt all repented then. I whipped the curtains away and tore open the window; eyes firmly closed.
“Caitlin? You... you let me in.” He sounded surprised; yet his voice was young and warm. I felt my mind click into place and sighed.
“It is you... I thought maybe... Wait. Why are you here? Why did you have to come through my window? Why were you away for so long?” My mind bubbled with question apon question; but the withering glance given in answer caused me to lock them away for the time being.
“I am here to give you something. If you accept; a choice must be made. One that may destroy or build your life.” I watched him with narrowed eyes. This was very new to me. Joe was a simple, sporting young school boy. He had always seemed afraid and cautious of the unknown... seems times had changed; so fast though. I sighed. Adventure was a thing I longed to know... Yet... something wasn't right.
“Show me this thing. Show me so I can decifer your wishes.” He sighed and tossed me a small leather pouch. I frowned. Suddenly the light shone in my mind. Why did we talk like victorians? We are not old or centuus. I took the pouch in my left hand and felt for its contense. A small rounded black pebble rolled into my palm. It was cold to the touch; like death on the streets of starvation. “What... What is it?”
“Silt of stars. A rip in the universe. A way home.” He walked closer until I could feel his breath upon my face and he held my hands in his own. “I know who you are story teller. And its time to come back to where you belong.” I stared; eyes glimmering in the starlight that wisped through the open window. A flicker of wind brushed the shock from my mind. He didnt make any sense... but I loved him. And I trusted him.
“Im coming.” I gripped his hand harder and stared defiently into his eyes.
“You may never be able to come home...” suddenly he seemed unsure. Scared.
“Then I will take that risk. Life is a bore... I want to go with you.” He sighed then nodded.
“The rules say four people can enter. You may take a friend.” I gasped then turned my head. But... My... Then it came to me.
“I have chosen. May we leave? I grow tired of your babbling.” He tilted his head; then nodded slightly.
“Samantha Harris.” He stopped for a second and eyed me over before clicking three times on his right hand. I raised my eyebrows yet stayed silent and steady.
“Now take my hand.” I moved my palm for his; then stopped. If I did this... I would neer be able to see family. Friends. No, thats not true. I will have Sammy. She is all that matters. I felt a dampness in my eyelid and sniffed. “Are you okay?”
“Better than ever.” our fingers met. All was white. All was new. All was hope.

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