My last goodbye.

Chapter 1

I MIGHT come back but will not make my presence known.

This will be the last story i create on this site.I left for almost a month the last time. But i do not expect to return. I would like to say, those of you that have actually talked to me and/or read and took the things i made. Thank You. I would also like to mention that the reason i am leaving is due to loss of interest. I had many good friends delete and i was unable to find other people. and before anyone says "You could have sent out messages and friend requests!" I have tried. No one replied.

I wish to have this known: If getting in contact is a MUST then the following are links.

Unless you have a valid reason for me to stay, i ask of you not to try and persuade me to stay. If you want to talk to me before i go, You must do so before tomorrow.

Farewell you primitive screwheads.


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