Time Between Us ~ An Original Group Story

They come together with a crash. Five different times, five different people. No idea who they are... or what they do. This is the time against them. They must defeat it.

By lilypotter101, Bananabananayummy, The_Kit_Kat_Artist, PhoenixSong114 and XXjojoleebrobroXX.

Chapter 1

Savita Aurealis ~ The Fate I've Walked Into

My eyes fly open.


What is going on?

Where is my life?

I try to recall my memory. I am Savita Aurealis, age fourteen, I...

I can't remember anything.

I start breathing in quick gasps. Calm down, calm down. I tell myself fiercely. Don't cry.

For some reason, I have a feeling that I am not allowed to cry.

Suddenly, I feel myself falling... falling through darkness... it is cold. Cold, chilly, but no wind.

It is serene. It is calm. I don't move, I don't think... I hope this is all a dream. It is a dream. It is a dream.

I almost wake up before I hit the ground with a thunk, feet first, so I am standing.

Bright lights. I blink, and look up.

A girl is glaring at me. "Why have you decided to gate crash our party, you little-" she swears at me.

My eyes widen, and I took a step back. "I don't know... I don't know what I'm..." I begin to protest.

"Get out!" she kicked my stomach, and I doubled over, gasping for breath. I run into the yard, confused and upset.

A boy emerges from inside, looking almost as puzzled as I feel. He is tall, with brown hair and clear, bright blue eyes. I feel my heart begin to beat faster as he heads toward me, but I ignore it.

"Excuse me..." he holds up his hands, looking a little afraid. "I need to get out of here... can you help me?"

I looked at him. "Seeing as I need to get out of here also and have no idea how, no, I believe I can't help you." I say tartly.

He looks astonished. "You have a British accent!"

I roll my eyes. "Don't tell me you've never heard a British accent before."

He backtracks quickly. "I mean, I've never met anyone British."

I hold out my arms. "Now you have."

"I'm Justin, Justin Lakewood..." he smiles at me.

"Savita Aurealis." I say.

"Golden sun." he smiles. "Nice name."

"You're the first to know what it means." I say, surprised.

"Yeah, well, I know a lot of useless trivia." Justin grins.

Suddenly, we hear a scream from inside. A girl with long black hair, grey eyes and pale skin stumbles out the door, followed by another girl, with black hair and blue eyes. A shout echoes out behind them: "Stay out of here unless you want me to punch you again!"

A boy follows them, with long black curly hair and bright blue eyes. The three people, all about fifteen and sixteen, stare at us defensively from across the lawn.

Justin moves in front of me, almost protectively. I shove him and stand next to him. A glimmer of amusement sparkles in his eyes.

The boy calls across the lawn. "We're not going to hurt you! We don't have any idea what we're doing here."

I raise my eyebrows. Justin narrows his eyes.

"Neither do we." he says.

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